Months come and go. But were still here.

July has come and gone. And many things are have been said and done. Yet many unfinished business still left to be completed.

Well. To summarize everything.

Alternate Zebras has 2 gigs coming up
Barath has been breakdancing.

Bon Odori was an awesome Japanese event that I went to with M and Will (AND SABRINA. Sorry :P)

Addicted to Kpop. :P. ♥

Been playing with Paul. He is one hell of a virtuoso. Most talented
musician I have ever seen.

Got presents from Dad who was away for so long.

I found a crossbow in my house.

Went for ICBM! =D

Bought a super cute ukulele.

Had fun during school's carnival day!

Talked to dad about piercings and tattoos (more on this later.)

Managed to fix a rubiks.

Been playing guitar in class ALOT.

Well. The above picture illustrates the crossbow, The Guitar Hero present. and well. Randomly playing guitar in school.

Unless you guys had no idea. My friends and I have been playing guitar in class like at least once a week. It kinda brings the whole class together. Which is totally awesome.

And well. We have free time. During Siviks for instance.

Yeaps. Jon and Lynn. xD

I will now proceed to update about our outing. =D