Ouch. Media fast =D

I just slepted from 6pm to 10.07pm.

So much for reading my book. T_T

Sorry fabi! :) Overly comfy d.

Today was tiring. Went to the dentist. Had a chance of cavity infection. So they did a filling and asked me to do another checkup in a few months.

I nailed myself because the pain was somewhat unbearable. Bloody hell. >.<

Oh so on Sunday right. Was the day I went to church after like 2 weeks of not going. I was incredibly sad for not going. But I had my reasons. Its not because I go there of anyone. Its cause sometimes. When I get so caught up with life I tend to lose the feeling of His presence. And I dont like that.

Friday is Labor Day. I was like. I'm gonna go play Left 4 Dead with my friends just when I realized that I had to fast.

Media fast.

I mean. TV. Sure. I dont really watch TV.

Computer and Internet. I didnt have that for weeks on end and I still manage to survive.

Newspapers, Mags. Suuure I almost finished reading the mags this month anyways.

But my phone. Oh noes. My communication to the outside world. Maybe it wont be that bad lar. I lost my phone before and manage to survive.

But then I know this time. I'm doing it for a good cause. The amount of crap that we dont need is being hurled at us like darts.

Information that are..


Not to say everything is bad. Its just like how pastor described.

We need a Filter

Oh and I'm supposed. Not forced. to read Proverbs this week. In the span of 6 days. Not to bad. 31 Chapters only waaad.

Well. Reading is one thing. Understanding is another. I really hope that my brain can properly function in this time of need. Hahaha.

Oh. and one more thing.


I have yet to find out where that shop is but I'll get it one day. I hope. Or maybe a pendrive would do? For now, I'll just link you.

Clicky, clicky! ^^

Enjoy your 15 birthday! Your only gonna be 15 for the next 1 hour. So enjoy it while it last. I hope all this while I was being a nice guy. As gay as I was I hoped you enjoyed the company. Have fun camwhoring ya!

Technicolour! =D

IU and Outing

I'm getting more and more lazy nowadays. Sigh.

Yesterday I went for 3 things!

-St. Johns annual First Aid Exam
-ARGS 38th Annual IU day
-Last minute lepak session. =P

Had to wake up extra early to come to school. To set up the tables and stuff for exams.
Was tiring. But we had too so yeah.

Was really boring at first. Until our not-so-punctual officers came.
Gah. Was panicking cause like. The last time we were taught to do anything was bout a month.

We were screwed.

CPR dummy came. Was so cute wearing that st. johns shirt on.

We did bandaging, Transportation and choking. Those officers kept targetting Kenneth and me. Assholes.

And no. We didnt really have to mouth to mouth that thing. Joshy did. omg.

Well I did my things and left early. Walked like 500m ish and found a cab that took me to Wangsa Maju. Took LRT from there to Setiawangsa.

Where by I waited for 45 minutes for CJ to come. No problem man. It wasnt really that hot. I had my fedora and my tunes. =) thanks again for fetching me! xD

Reached Yi En's IU at arnd 2 smth. omg late we were. Met with Joanne outside. Got a place inside with the guys. The first thing Angelina did when I said hi to her was pull my fedora and wore it. Ahahah!

Performances were good. Really funny video presentation. Yi En looked kawaii~ with specs! Ahahah! Dont kill me if ur reading this.

I think we were really looking forward for the fashion show lar. We as in the guys. Like everyone got ready with the cam. Benji was the first to grab a chair and go infront. Ahahah. "Some" of the models looked really good. *ahem* :P

Then there was this kinda sagu hati giveaway for the schools. Apparently Su Munn and me were the only representatives. It was a nice heart and Save the Earth thingy. Not sure what it was. Like a wristband or smth. But still cool. =D

But it was kinda short lar. =( We camwhored abit after the end.

Then we had this last minute plan to KLCC. I suggested to walk.


Never listen to me when I say its quite near. :P Sorry my victims Ahahahah

Namely Amelia, Angelina, Joanne, And CJ! Weeee~

We ended up takin a cab which costed RM10. Cheap considering 5 ppl. And omg I just realized I didnt get my RM8 back. hahah sokay lar.

We wanted to watch a movie. And everyone was hungry... Ok maybe it was just me. :P
Walked to the cinema but all the shows were at 7.10pm. Which was super late lar. Cause it'll finish round 9.

We went and met back with Amelia at Kinokuniya. I was shown the Japan section for the first time. I went..


I went to KLCC so many times and never realized. T_T.

Angelina saw some chick that looked like xiaxue. She wanted to ask for a picture but wasnt really sure. Hahaha. Turned out it wasnt.

Or was it? *dramatic music* Dum Dum Dum.

So after that it was makan time. Yippeeee~. We ate at A&W and talked alot. Was so fun. Retardedly hilarious too. According to Amelia, I overdosed on root beer and thats
why I'm sick now. hahah.

Then then after that we went shopping. Well, window shopping :P.
The girls went to Zara. CJ and I tagged along. They were going for that Technicolour look. I dont really know how to explain technicolour so I'll just wait for Angelina to upload the pics. but it looked really unique. =D

Then we went to Eclipse. Well. We were at the chairs. Camwhored there again. :P

Anyways. Joanne's dad was gonna pick her up. So we went to the entrance of the Philharmonic Hall, KLCC. We chamwhored there too. LOL.

Then after Joanne went back. We went back too. CJ's Mum sent us back. Was really late by that time. I reached home arnd 10.30pm.

But I had a really good time! Sorry bout the lack of pics. Waiting for em too =)
Thanks for the great company guys =)


St. Johns Camp Day 2!

I'm back! And feeling oily because of my BBQ dinner that my brothers and me cooked. =D


Before I start. I would just like to say.

Thank you to all my choir mates. You guys rock. And I'm also really really Sorry.

Its really disappointing to find out after so much work and effort. So much time spent. And the chance of actually winning. Crumbled by the very words we thought we would never hear.


For goodness sake. Cant you at least, for fuck sake, MINUS the marks instead of KICKING us out just like that.

Its not like we weren't good. We were freaking good.

I'm so fucking pissed. We did our best.

Its just that Z played the piano for us. Big whoop. Sorry lar. But come on. Dont be so heartless. =( We have feelings too.

Felix and I had to come back to school all the way from Sungai Buloh for Drama. Taxi dude charged us RM 35. What the hell weih. But we were desperate. So what the heck.

We did our drama like. I dont know. 4 hours later. Before that we were doing the rehearsals. I'm not acting. More like the Supervisor. Production Manager if you will.

I had Fabi! She was awesome lar. It was fun. Like drawing the fake mustaches.

Pity Daniel. Aka Rev D.

So we had like. 15 Schools. and like, we practiced for only like. 4 days. I mean. How pathetic is that? Well we did our hardwork and all. So we were finally up.

And guess what. We kena sabo. AGAIN. By the 15th team.

If you guys are reading this.


You know what? Karma bitches. KARMA.

But it doesnt matter. We did manage to do everything. Almost perfectly. Sound projection was not bad. Expressions were good. I liked it. Puan Azwani said we had a very slim chance. Oh.

There was this school Sri Garing. Who I was certain would win. They were really really good lar. Can see they been training. Their choir however wasnt very good. Unfortunately.

Well. Then after that long, tedious, speech by our oh so charming pengetua who I never knew could speak english. We had the 1st Runner up and Champion.

So my surprise. We won 2nd. Holy freaking shit. I didnt even expect. We went up. Took it. And I came back down and did that sarcastic face to Puan Azwani.

Wow. Aint it shiny. LOL.

She went. "Suuuure."

Ahahaha And for that team who did that fairytale shit. In your freakin faces. Karma bit you in the ass. Muahahah.

Well. In any case we didnt get to go for our tradition at KFC with the whole choir squad. Only like Lam, Ashley, Sam, Sue Li, Fabi, Michelle, Joelle, Ruth and Carissa.

Talked about loads of stuff. Had fun. I'm really tired.

I wanna continue about the Camp thing. But really really tired. Pictures. If any. Will be uploaded. =)

Nites guys

I'm baaaack!

I'm back!~ After being away for sooooooo loooong I'm back!

I apologize. I burnt my modem. Lightning. Meh, Go figure.

Anyways! I just wanna talk about camp. It was so freaking awesome! ^^

St. Johns Melawati organized a camp to EL Sanctuary in Melaka. You know whats the best part? WE planned it. WE organized everything. Well mostly Fabi and Lai.

Kudos to them!

Anyways Lets start


Arrive school late after I went home to shower and get my stuff.

It was cool lar. seeing everyone in their St. Johns tshirt. heheh. And there were loads of stuff too. Oh! And guitars! =D

Then we split into 2 busses.

Bus 2 Rocks more than bus one! :P

I camwhored like shit. lol. Even jayshree was like. Stop taking pics of yourself lar!

I was like using the DSLR to take. damn funny.

I'm really lazy to upload the pics. I'll upload on facebook.

Judson and gang was busy playing cards. lol. on the bus

Besides the camwhoring session between fabi adeline and me, we sang too!

was funny. But really cool. Every song that Jayshree played for us we sang.

Even Tong Hua!

Wanna watch the vid? Its here

We reached there in the evening.

Had to carry the bags and luggages AND my guitar up the hill.

Our dorm was all the way up! OMG! Super tiring. But thanks to kyren for helping me. =D

I pity Joshy, seriously. Who had this to carry lol

This was the reaction of the guys when they saw it.

The dorm was cool! It had an attached toilet too! With authentic wood!

I got the top bed. Along side Nahrend and Arthur.

Oh oh. My roommates were Nahrend, Arthur, Dino, Jon, Jeffrey, Sharukh, How YY, Judson and Joshy!

You can never sleep with them. Bunch of hyper freaks. That cant seem to KEEP THE BLOODY TOILET DRY.



Anyways. yeah then we went to the hall and the split us into groups.

I was in Committee 1! Committee 2, You guys suck kays. :P We are WAY cooler than yall. :P

But the thing I like most about the hall is the verses from the Bible. I found a Moses Stick..

(A staff that reminded me of what Moses used. lol)

Yeah. And then we needed to do our group intro. Was super funny the things they came up with.

I liked scott's Toyol team. Ahahah. And ours was freakin funny! Our attempts of implementing kawad was a failure of epic proportions. But was so funny. The Singh is Kinng part. LOL!

and the most x boleh belah part was when lai put on that serious face and went..

Chapati. Go!


And then after the group intros and shouts. There was a performance for people who wanted to do something. I loved it. Was so cool. Check out the vids. ^^


Julian and Kenneth's dancing was beyond Godlike. And the band was great too! Hello Planet Earth!

Well, Fast forwarding.. *Bzzzzzp*

I think this was just arnd Midnight. We went jungle tracking. But before that. There was this really freaky briefing.

The pantang larang of being in the jungle.

-DO NOT spot,piss,shit, etc etc in the jungle. Or basically anything stupid.
-DO NOT shine the torchlight upwards. I still dont know why.
-DO NOT stop and stare if u think you saw something. Dont say anything
-DO NOT answer if someone calls your name ONCE. Cause thats what "they" do. Prakkash kena before. He say a toyol. Guess where?

In school. Omfg.

-DO NOT simply pluck or leave anything behind.
-DO NOT look behind if u feel that theres someone there. Unless your 100% sure.

But we went anyways. Liz gave me her flashlight to shine my feet. It was funny cause like. She kept saying I cant see! And when I shined at her legs. I loss balance. Hahah. We got to cross a river too. Wet my shoes. With pebbles and mud.

Overall a really fun experience. And the night sky was heavenly. So beautiful. I mean. You can never see that kinda sky in KL. The lights are to bright here.

Denise was like "I wanna get married under the stars."

Aww. How romantic. =D

Back at the dorm. I took up the guitar and started playing on the balcony. That was cool. We were all at the balcony. ^^. In our boxers. Hahah. No lar. Just almost all of us were. :P Cept for Jon. Goody boy :P

I really wanted to shower. Badly. But I'm good friend :P. Hahah.

We had to do our banner. I was dead tired already by then. Plus the fever and cough was taking a toll on me.

I wanted to stay up. But the guys insisted I slept. I did. And the guys finished the banner. Arthur even slepted at 5am doing that.

It was supposed to be "Yellowman Supremacy. + 2 Indians and a Singh"

Turned out.

"Chinamen Supremacy with 2 Indians and a Singh"

Was funny. Being racist and all. but that racist thing revolves arnd the St. Johns organization lar. Hahah.

Anyways. I'll finish up Day 2 and Day 3 tmrw. The medicine is kicking in. =)

Thank you Fabi! =D

I shall let actions speak louder than words.

We went to SMK Seri Kudang. Freaking far I tell you. But the school is huge! Hahah for kawad. Well. Here are the pics. Thats Hardesh's shoe. That ripped during the march. And thats my button! :P Love you fabi!

Theres some things.

Exams this week is by far the most dreadful experience ever.

For the first time. I realized. How royally F'ed I really am. This is unbearable.

I think I'm gonna FAIL everything. Yes, I know. Nows not the time to be pessimistic. BUT THATS THE TRUTH.

You know? I thought Judson's hair was a failure. I think I'm a failure of EPIC proportions.

The only things I think I can get As are English and English, Science and Technology.

Add. Maths tomorrow I'm screwed. Chemistry I'm screwed.

And you know what? NOBODY in school realized it was April Fool's day that day. How tensed we were.

SO MANY BLANKS. That I left. Omg. T_T

Oh. And I'm supposed to have pictures for Earth Hour. Lazy wanna upload.

Anyways. I'm gonna go study now. Whatever hope that I still have.


More presents!

Yes. I do realize this is a very late update. But better late than never!

Thanks to Amelia for that "I know u wanna be a princess for a day thing" and that awesome notebook! ^^

Thanks to Yi En for those chocolates that I really love. I still haven't eaten em. X sanggup. ;P

Thanks to Joanne for that cicak and those amazing cupcakes. 8 pieces! I'm sorry I didnt share. X sanggup too. :P

Thanks to Amelia's sister for that super kawaii letter AWW. ♥ xD

And loads of thanks to Everyone who signed my birthday card the other day and remembered my birthday. =)

This year's birthday really made me feel special. Thanks to all of you guys. =)

P.S Sorry I didnt have the pics of the cupcakes. Its all inside d. :P