IU and Outing

I'm getting more and more lazy nowadays. Sigh.

Yesterday I went for 3 things!

-St. Johns annual First Aid Exam
-ARGS 38th Annual IU day
-Last minute lepak session. =P

Had to wake up extra early to come to school. To set up the tables and stuff for exams.
Was tiring. But we had too so yeah.

Was really boring at first. Until our not-so-punctual officers came.
Gah. Was panicking cause like. The last time we were taught to do anything was bout a month.

We were screwed.

CPR dummy came. Was so cute wearing that st. johns shirt on.

We did bandaging, Transportation and choking. Those officers kept targetting Kenneth and me. Assholes.

And no. We didnt really have to mouth to mouth that thing. Joshy did. omg.

Well I did my things and left early. Walked like 500m ish and found a cab that took me to Wangsa Maju. Took LRT from there to Setiawangsa.

Where by I waited for 45 minutes for CJ to come. No problem man. It wasnt really that hot. I had my fedora and my tunes. =) thanks again for fetching me! xD

Reached Yi En's IU at arnd 2 smth. omg late we were. Met with Joanne outside. Got a place inside with the guys. The first thing Angelina did when I said hi to her was pull my fedora and wore it. Ahahah!

Performances were good. Really funny video presentation. Yi En looked kawaii~ with specs! Ahahah! Dont kill me if ur reading this.

I think we were really looking forward for the fashion show lar. We as in the guys. Like everyone got ready with the cam. Benji was the first to grab a chair and go infront. Ahahah. "Some" of the models looked really good. *ahem* :P

Then there was this kinda sagu hati giveaway for the schools. Apparently Su Munn and me were the only representatives. It was a nice heart and Save the Earth thingy. Not sure what it was. Like a wristband or smth. But still cool. =D

But it was kinda short lar. =( We camwhored abit after the end.

Then we had this last minute plan to KLCC. I suggested to walk.


Never listen to me when I say its quite near. :P Sorry my victims Ahahahah

Namely Amelia, Angelina, Joanne, And CJ! Weeee~

We ended up takin a cab which costed RM10. Cheap considering 5 ppl. And omg I just realized I didnt get my RM8 back. hahah sokay lar.

We wanted to watch a movie. And everyone was hungry... Ok maybe it was just me. :P
Walked to the cinema but all the shows were at 7.10pm. Which was super late lar. Cause it'll finish round 9.

We went and met back with Amelia at Kinokuniya. I was shown the Japan section for the first time. I went..


I went to KLCC so many times and never realized. T_T.

Angelina saw some chick that looked like xiaxue. She wanted to ask for a picture but wasnt really sure. Hahaha. Turned out it wasnt.

Or was it? *dramatic music* Dum Dum Dum.

So after that it was makan time. Yippeeee~. We ate at A&W and talked alot. Was so fun. Retardedly hilarious too. According to Amelia, I overdosed on root beer and thats
why I'm sick now. hahah.

Then then after that we went shopping. Well, window shopping :P.
The girls went to Zara. CJ and I tagged along. They were going for that Technicolour look. I dont really know how to explain technicolour so I'll just wait for Angelina to upload the pics. but it looked really unique. =D

Then we went to Eclipse. Well. We were at the chairs. Camwhored there again. :P

Anyways. Joanne's dad was gonna pick her up. So we went to the entrance of the Philharmonic Hall, KLCC. We chamwhored there too. LOL.

Then after Joanne went back. We went back too. CJ's Mum sent us back. Was really late by that time. I reached home arnd 10.30pm.

But I had a really good time! Sorry bout the lack of pics. Waiting for em too =)
Thanks for the great company guys =)