Happy Halloween

I'm an L wannabe. Did you know I actually got scolded by the ustaz for sitting like this? :) Awesomeness.

Happy Halloween readers! :)



The Great Escape.

The clock struck 10.20am. The sound of the ringing bell could be heard all over the block. People knew that the dreaded "I-have-to-hafal-36-Nilai" is over. Our battle is over. But not the war.

My hand grew numb. The feeling of anxiety overwhelming. I had left a few questions blank while I was busy doing the other questions. I delayed so much time. A sense of regret was getting me. I was depressed, really.

But whats done is done, I've done my best. I'll leave the rest in God's hands.

But that's not what's this posts about. Its about what happened after the exam that made this a really great day. The Moral students who finished early was not supposed to go home. But we did. We masterminded a plan to escape the compounds of the school.

Felt like a P.O.W though the means of escape was simpler than many of us could imagine. A whole segment of the fence was literally removed, yes removed! It was funny how when I went with my friends we passed the teacher's canteen area on the way out. And at first it was just a few people. But from a few became many many more.

I mean, imagine this, 30-40 students walking in a single file line getting outta school and you just sitting there with your karipap, dumbfounded.

Yes. Interesting. But we up'd our pace. A few of the guys we're already across the street signaling for us to get back. We dashed acrossed into a tight alleyway and changed there.

From here, Barath and Brandon were with me. Walking an alternate route from the others who were STILL in a single file line. It was Epic.

We ended up eating alone at Thurkas. They went for chicken rice. The guys and I talked alot till Daniel called.

Yes. It was hilarious how he was walking around Melawati not knowing where we were. I had to give him directions to thurkha only to make him walk back to where he came from. Yeah. Daniel walked from the club back to the club.

Not my fault he didn't tell me he was there.

Oh btw, I find Daniel's obbession with coconuts interesting yet, somewhat disturbing. Theres a video that I'll upload soon that involves cavemen and coconuts. Stay tuned.

It was a great day eventhough I exhausted myself with futsal with my homies, tuition for an hour which I didnt understand nuts, and a yum cha session with Barath, Dino and Cyn.

Fun day. Now I'm off to study History.. I mean Sejarah. Yeah. The subject which everyone hates. I wanna love it. But its in BM. So that sucks.


P.S Fabi said I should do song covers. So maybe I should. Eventually. :)

Reasons why you should date a paintballer.

This has been here for awhile. Enjoy! =D

20 reasons to date a paintballer

1. We aren't afraid to get down and dirty
2. We know how to listen to directions
3. We at least have a ten inch barrel
4. We can fire off hundreds of rounds without getting tired.
5. We always wear protection
6. We love to be aggressive, head first into anything
7. We like to push hard, but not TOO hard.
8. We never forget to lube.
9. We always have to have the best **** on the field.
10. If we run out of gas, it takes less than 5 seconds to get us going again!
11. We know how to work any position front, back, and all in between
12. We're good at moving our fingers extremely fast in small places
13. We can move & contort our bodies into weird positions
14. We know how to use a condom
15. We're used to 2 on 1
and 3 on 1 situations
16. Standing, kneeling, laying down... really it doesn't matter
17. We have great aim
18. We dont mind a little pain
19. We will play any chance we get
20. When we play we look good doing it!'

10 more reasons to date a PBer, some may be repeats
1 ) Our equipment is made for high pressure.
2 ) Welts and hickies look about the same.
3 ) It's quite normal for us to wear masks, straps, and harnesses.
4 ) Forget bases, we just go for the 50.
5 ) Walking a trigger and handling small fragile parts means nimble hands.
6 ) We can hit a moving target at 100 feet, we can protect your honor too.
7 ) We'll "communicate" with you all you want, just do it over a radio.
8 ) Dropping $100 in a single day is nothing new.
9 ) Jumping, diving, ducking, and sliding develops great body coordination.
10) We never play without protection.

And 10 reasons why paintball is better than a girlfriend ( I'll let one of the ladies write the counter. )

1 ) You can use more than one marker in a day and not feel guilty.
2 ) A marker doesn't get jealous when you admire another player's gear.
3 ) Exhaust gas on a marker is a good thing.
4 ) Having more than one marker makes you a collector, not a "playa."
5 ) You don't have to talk to your gear everyday to show you care.
6 ) Friends don't think you're a pervert when talking about snakes and bushes.
7 ) A simple wipe down and a little oil keeps a marker satisfied for over a month.
8 ) $70 paint, $20 field fees, and $10 air is cheaper than prom and can last just as long.
9 ) Volatile as it may be, even CO2 doesn't explode or freeze for no reason.
10 ) Markers never say, "It's not you, it's me."

Parents + Facebook = FML

Parents and Facebook are like a double shot espresso with gym socks. Some things are just never supposed to relate.

There are other people who think like me to. But thankfully I'm not as unlucky as some of my friends who have their parents on Facebook.

Julian, sorry to say, has to be the most unlucky person to have parents on facebook so far. Well, he has his mom constantly stalk each and everything he does there.

Recently there was a video posted up that was less than appropriate from Ryan. Well, guys being guys (Ryan being Ryan.) you know what to expect.

I was scrolling down the comments and I LOL'ed.

Apparently Julian's mum said this.

hey..this is not funny ok.. Don't your parents watch your nonsense.
Ryan : can you be more decent and delete this from the FB, it is really disgusting.....otherwise I may have to see your parents.
The rest of you - Are you guys meeting up to talk & do nonsense stuff. Please do more productive stuff and remain focus in your studies. Stop this nonsense about calling people GAY! plz
and this

RYAN - Please delete this video clip immediately. It is not funny. For a 15 year old boy to behave like this is really disgusting.


Get this guys. Facebook is for networking. Parents and their kids LIVE in the same house. lol


Nigel's 14th Surprise Birthday Bash!

I suck in planning. But hey, it was fun no?

It was so damn retarded when we were hiding the the AV room. Prakkash couldnt shut up for 5 seconds.

And Sabrina, Sorry I made u wet. Oh me? No la, just the left side. Ahahah.

Umbrella. Rain. Sickos.

Everything did turn out great. Nigel's reaction was beyond Epic. Priceless man. I think he probably wet his pants.

Anyway. The people was fun. I ended up doing nothing. Except for gamble. Which I lost money when I was the dealer. Damnit.

Well, great day nonetheless!

Special Thanks to

Keshen and Sulaiman for calling all the people, sorting out their issues, and coming on time.

Mum for constantly nagging at me to get the guest list and for preparing food and drinks.

Dad for being all 24-ish telling me when the target is ETA.

Prakkash for being a retard.

And a superduper big THANK YOU to everyone who came and made his day a special one!

P.S 8 Days left. Then I shall await my report card. :(


Paintball is a Passion

Paintball is not a hobby, Its a passion.

For every bruise or ache that comes after it its all worth it. Its just THAT great. Last Saturday, I went paintballing with my team. It was scorching. But it was fun nonetheless. Met a few new guys. Like Tim and Daniel.

Daniel shares an uncanny resemblance to Edison Chen. Really.

Anyway, I'm really proud to say that my team improved alot already. Can't wait for MY National Paintball League or MPOC next year!

But more importantly. I'm waiting for the WCA in November. Sales! Woot!
Some pictures from the training.


Super weekend Triple post.

I was really lazy to blog. Until now. My Deepavali weekend is supafreakinawesome thanks to those you guys. Yes. Thanks to each and everyone of you guys for sharing your weekend with me!

Alright anyway I'll start with Friday.

Went out with M and had my date with Elle :P to KL's Golden Triangle. Was uber fun! When I met up with them the first thing Mei did was put her hands out and waited for the camera. Ouch.

Hungry as usual. So we went to makan. That pancake place in Pavilion. We saw Sabrina on the way there! Then we saw her again when we came back down.

Ironically, we didnt order pancakes. But the food was good nonetheless. I tried imitating and Elle and be cute. Failed miserably.

We went to the cinema with the intention to watch Tsunami. But then we couldn't cause the timing wasn't right. But we couldn't miss the opportunity to camwhore. And they stalked me!

So we ended up walking around Pavilion. The lighting there is phenomenal. And you know what girls do best when they go into the toilet with a camera?

LOL. Thats what happens when you give a DSLR to these two.

Moving on. We went shopping larh and then the shot below was very ironic.
Familiar? Yes. Ironic? Very.

Moving on. After walking arnd Pavilion for some time we ended up going to Sungei Wang. Which was a place I could afford. Its been awhile since I went there. The ceilings are still super low. They wanted to barbie me up. Again. And ended up with this. :)

I didnt get it at first though, we went to walk around somemore. Into many different shops. More excuses for more camwhoring sessions. :P We walked around sungei wang for a few more hours before meeting up with Joon Hong and Jian.

The pic(above) is MJ rubbing the mannequin's stomach. No shit.

Anyway, we went to meet up with the guys at Starbucks later.

(Above) Wtf?
The movie was at 6 so we had a few hours to walk around somemore. Jian went to get his toy and the rest of us went back to SG. Wang. to get Mei's heels and my shirt. But before that well..

Yeah. Even more pictures. This blog post is kinda like. A photo album now. Anyway, Elle was being, well, Elle.
Yeah. It was ELLE. LOL. M and I was sayin how if we were 18 we would so go in. hahaha

Elle said that I look damn gangster in this pic. LOL.

Don't be confused. See, M and I made a deal. If I could get 6 pecs by the end of the year she wont go home when we go out. So yeah I have kinda abit. So she kept poking the top there. So.. I poked her back. It was hilarious.

Yeah. We love pictures. :D. Anyway Mei was walking super fast it was scary. We got lost in Sungei Wang! And the smell of Famous Amos lingered in the air as we were walking around. Gosh was I hungry. Anyway. We got our stuff.

And this is what happened when I bought my stuff.


Anyway, we went back to Time Square to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Joon Hong and I laughed at intro.

"Hujan Bebola Daging" wtff? LOL

The movie was hilarious throughout. While they went for dinner I went home. Was a great day. ♥ you guys. :)