Parents + Facebook = FML

Parents and Facebook are like a double shot espresso with gym socks. Some things are just never supposed to relate.

There are other people who think like me to. But thankfully I'm not as unlucky as some of my friends who have their parents on Facebook.

Julian, sorry to say, has to be the most unlucky person to have parents on facebook so far. Well, he has his mom constantly stalk each and everything he does there.

Recently there was a video posted up that was less than appropriate from Ryan. Well, guys being guys (Ryan being Ryan.) you know what to expect.

I was scrolling down the comments and I LOL'ed.

Apparently Julian's mum said this.

hey..this is not funny ok.. Don't your parents watch your nonsense.
Ryan : can you be more decent and delete this from the FB, it is really disgusting.....otherwise I may have to see your parents.
The rest of you - Are you guys meeting up to talk & do nonsense stuff. Please do more productive stuff and remain focus in your studies. Stop this nonsense about calling people GAY! plz
and this

RYAN - Please delete this video clip immediately. It is not funny. For a 15 year old boy to behave like this is really disgusting.


Get this guys. Facebook is for networking. Parents and their kids LIVE in the same house. lol