Melawati High

Hey guys! Ever seen one of those sweaters that those American schools wear? The ones with their school names on them? Yeah, we're selling varsity sweaters in order to raise funds for the butt kicking, awesomest event of the year! Prom night! They're only RM 45 each, name customization can be done at the back for only additional 5 ringgit. So for all you vain asses (Like me.) who want their names at the back it can be done!

You can go ahead and pick the colour of your sweater (black/white) and the colour of your font (red/black/white).

Also, the sweaters come with 2 options. Either zippers or kangaroo pockets.

Let me tell you why you should buy it.

We are proud of who we are. Dude, Caprice bought one, and he even mentioned Melawati in his cover of Baby. We are one of the best looking schools in the state. No shit. We're awesome. We're the best there is. We are born and bred to be Melawatians and part of this awesome school.


To make an order, kindly seek

Fabiolla netto (5M)
Ilaina Khairulzaman (5N)
Nur athirah tan
Qistina Kamarulzaman (5A)
Julian Carlos (5N)
Arjun CK (5E)
Gan Nicholas (4E)
Justin Choy (5N) <-- THATS ME (Just drop me a text on the chatbox or text my phone!)

Sample sizes can be tried next week AFTER you make your orders!
Closing dates for orders and payments are as of next friday, 9th of July. Thanks!


Viva la Prom Night!



I don't know what exactly to blog about but I'll get to that eventually. In the mean time, I found that the above is very cute. ♥

Till next time ;)


Utter devastation.

So here I am after witnessing a brutal annihilation of my team England by the hands of Germany. Again. 8 years ago they were against Brazil in the Finals, 4 years ago was knocked out my Portugal, and now well, not even pass the group of 16 stages being trashed by Germany.

My conclusion is that even though England has more experienced and strong players everyone just wants to be a hero and score. There is no teamwork at all. The team's defense is just bollocks. An elephant can pass through and nobody would notice.

The equalizer (at that time) not being called also probably effected the England's team morale. somewhat. But then again. Germany is a fantastic team. Brilliant teamwork and working off each other. Even though its a new team, very strong and solid. Good chance of winning. We'll see the game against Argentina or Mexico. Most probably Argentina.

Full time score. 4 - 1. Epic match.


Your almost legal now.

This post is dedicated to two very special people in my life.

They have been with me through thick and thin. Good times and bad times they were there for me and I couldn't ask God for better friends.

Sometimes, when life knocks you down and you lost all will to get back up you know that these are the people who would be there with you and be your pillar of support and you know you could count on them to pick you right back up. These are the people you would jump out of a plane without a parachute just cause they told you "Trust me, It'll be fine."

They're people who would not judge you and you can just let your hair loose and just go crazy with them. The ones who would never get in a fight but will push you aside just to back you up when the situation demands it. The ones who knows you better than you know yourself.

The ones who would laugh at your lame chinese jokes and tell you "Life is more than just being a smurf." The ones who would sacrifice their sleep just to hear you rant about how your life just got fucked beyond anything else and that they're there to make it better.

What I'm really trying to say is. That I love you guys.

Happy 17th birthday Arjun CK and Fabiolla Netto!

Now for some pictures of the night!

Till next year. :)

Driving 101. Funny post. :D

First of all I think all Kancils should remain in the jungle instead of the roads for reasons such as

Too much "awesome" power, and the ability to generate false hope when people finding parking.

Anyway, after a gruesome 2 month process of trying to acquire my driving license I finally passed my final JPJ on Wednesday! So that means I can take to the road and not worry about getting stopped by the mata.( which means cops in Chinese. )

Well that would be the my second thing that would bother me anyway. The first being well, not driving into the following.

a) Cars
b) Trees
c) Parits
d) Animals disguised as orange plastic bags (such as Fabi)

Failure to drive properly will result in excessive screaming, broken bones and/or wraith of The Parents.

Anyway, just for anyone who doubted me I never bribed the guy. Not one sen. I merely seduced him with my boyish charms. No, really. Belle told me to show some skin. That probably wouldn't have worked.

So yeah this is what happened on the day of my JPJ test. My instructor was supposed to tell me what time was my session starting. Either 8.30am, 11am or 2pm. In those sessions there's turns that we gotta take.

See, the shitty thing is my instructor didnt know what time was mine so I had to go in the morning to check. So we checked.

Session 1.. hmm nope. Session 2.. No? That must mean.. Session 3.. Fuck.

So yeah. I was there from 8.30am till 4pm. Well, it wasn't ALL THAT BAD. It was JUST 5 hours anyway. I mean. I got to stare into the distance horizon overlooking trees and people burning stuff. Ahhh productive.

But anyway I had my iPod running Pop Shuvit's Marabahaya on repeat thanks to Jun's advice and having the company of 7 people trying their very best to stop me from shitting bricks. Trust me, it was scary and I was nervous as hell. The hours were excruciatingly painful.

Thankfully, I had a friend who was coincidentally taking it with me that day too so we we're keeping each other company. We were in this hall and they started first by announcing the ones who had to retake. Damn was that embarrassing.

There was this one lady who failed her parking. Failed twice. D: I witnessed that when I was waiting for my turn.

Then it came. My turn. I got into the car, The Kancil With The Springy Clutch, and..

BZZZ. Engine died. "This is a bad sign."

The first was the Bukit. I dreaded this one. I read stories where there were people who made the wheels spin and smoke started coming outta the exhaust and it just flew of the ramp almost hitting the JPJ guy.

Thankfully I did it in one go. YAY. The parking was okay I guess.

Moving on to the actual test. There was this guy, big, bald, huge beard, thick sunglasses. I was thinking to myself "Fail already la." then suddenly he went out for break and I got into another car which had a decent looking guy.

I got in the car and as soon as I started the engine BZZZZ engine died.

JPJ guy said "Satu kali mati."

I shat my pants.

I continued on and I realized that I didnt check my signals and wiper.

Then I went to this persimpangan and engine died the second time.

"Dua kali. Lepas ni u tau la apa jadi."

I continue driving on and I made a few mistakes. I was at the traffic light and I just had my feet pressed against the clutch. I thought it was gonna be a quick traffic light so I didnt bother with the handbrake. Big mistake there. And another when I was changing lanes. I had to put the left then right signal and I was SUPPOSED to leave it on the right. Which I didnt.

Got scolded again. Then my engined died. AGAIN. "Tiga kali. Kenapa ni?"

Now this was where I was supposed to do 2 more U turns and then take the long way in. He said "X paya. You pegi straight je pastu balik."

I was like Thats it. I'm screwed. Failed. Engined DIED AGAIN.

On the way back he asked me how many times it died. He didnt hear the forth one but I told him 4 times. He was saying stuff like where I learned from and how long. Then he said I could try again another time or something.

I almost cried. I was like "Maaf tuan, ya tuan, ya tuan, maaf tuan." and what not the whole time. I was extremely emo at that time. Then he said I could drive good but only problem was the clutch. Then he asked if the car had a problem.

"x tuan. saya yang salah. saya yg x betul."

Then just before we turned in he said "Aiya, x pe la. Saya bagi kamu pass je la. Tapi u baiki skit you punye driving"

I couldn't explain how relieved and happy I felt at that moment.

Proceeded to tell everyone on how I cheated death and passed.



When food just doesnt come.

I think we Malaysians were born hungry. I mean our whole culture revolves around food. Every waking moment of the day we're eating.

Nasi lemak for breakfast. Some kuih in between. Nasi kandar for lunch. Then theres roti and teh tarik for tea. Dinner we have curry mee. Then we have MORE roti during our world cup matches at mamak.

See what I mean? And talking about that. All our major holidays revolve around food. Chinese New Year got open house. Hari Raya got open house. Deepavali got open house. EVEN CHRISTMAS TOO.

Which all ends with us wasting our week's worth of gym time.

.. and when we don't get our food well,

Thats what happens first. Then the boredom kicks in.

Rawr. I know my brothers are cute/adorable/hot/damn handsome/have nicer hair/.

Don't rub it in. Its a sibling thing.


Bukit Tinggi Trip with the familia.

Just a few shots from recent Bukit Tinggi trip with the family. And yeah. Love my camera. :D


MPOC Leg 3

For everyone's information yeah, I still do competitive paintball and recently my team, Ultimate Speed, and I went for the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit Leg 3.

Just a quick fill up on the competitive paintball scene here in Malaysia. There are 2 major paintball tournaments which are the Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) and the one I just stated MPOC. Each season will be broken up into 5 legs throughout the year.

Currently, we're in leg 3 and leg 4 is to start in July. Which I doubt I would be able to play since I need to study!

It was nice meeting up with the team after my long hiatus from the local paintball scene. You know how's school like don't you? Yeah so we started the first day pretty average I guess. 4 wins 4 losts. Maybe cause everyone was still kinda tired and stuff. But it was fun nonetheless. Got into the quarter finals.

In quarters it was a best 2 outta 3. Our first game we won. Second we lost and the third game was against Team Hammer. Which is kinda funny cause every team that we beat will beat hammer and every team that we lose to hammer would beat. But in every game. We have never beaten hammer.

We lost the game. By that time, a few very solid teams like Spunky Militia, Overkill, us were already out but we stayed on to watch the games.

Team Hammer won the leg. As expected.

But the best part about paintballing isn't the pain or anything. Its the pictures. :P

Which I hope gets posted up soon!

P.S JPJ test is tmrw. Parents think I'm gonna fail. I probably will anyway. Wish me luck!



We look forward for holidays so much but when it comes we wish for school. Ah, were just an ungrateful bunch no?

I feel extremely old at the moment. Maybe cause its all about driving, and college, and thinking about what to study, picking up chicks, you know the usual. Then suddenly it hits me! I'm just 17 and life is on the fast track.

I just wish things would just slow down. And I really miss school nowadays.

Maybe cause I'm know I'm really gonna miss high school. I can so totally take change but you know, sometimes you get those "Damn I'm gonna miss this." feelings. And sometimes you wonder are your friends always gonna be there for you? Are you gonna be this close?

Just recently I went for college, which I was alone, and you know I just got my phone and started texting a few of my peeps. Then it hit me! College is like in less than a year and life is gonna start all over again.

Maybe, I'm not ready for that chapter of my life. Not yet.

I miss school. And you guys. :)

Relay For Life '10


3 weeks of exams are finally over and the holidays are here!


er. Hello?

Well, I think holidays isn't that fun when you have nothing to do. Oh well, time for updates!

Relay for Life!

I was supposed to go for last year's one but I didn't so I went for this years one. I heard people saying it was bigger and better last year but I honestly thing the smaller concept really brings the whole community together. Something that's rather rare in today's 21st century society.

Anyway, I came rushing in Stevie's car since Mei, Elle and Brandon was waiting for me for damn long. We boarded the train and the train was being a real bitch la. I mean. 3 times the thing stop.

"Maaf, bla bla bla"

Pissed us to the max!

Anyway we reached there and it was all muddy and stuff and the people was coming out barefooted with mud all over their legs. Looked like fun actually.

Love being a guy since we just take off our shirts anywhere. Unlike some people who had to queue up for soooooooo long just to take off their clothes. *ahem*

This year's RFL shirt looks so chunted okay! We we're there around 8 so we went and lit our candles for the Luminaria candles and proceeded to walk around the track.

I was with Elle and M most of the time. I met up with the Joes! Jon, arjun, and gang. And the hoopla gang! Love you guys. Sorry I didnt hang with you guys!

Ah the whole night was filled with really awesome activities which unfortunately started after most of the guys went home. But its cool. Cause the things that real friends do for others. Are indescribable. :)

Anyway there was this tranny fashion show. Well. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The last year's winner. Damn hot. LOL And Sufian got his ass rubbed!

Cause he was being awesome with the free hugs T. The Free Huggers ended up dancing on stage. Epic.

Spent the rest of the night camwhoring, walking, eating, getting dirty(mud :P) and wetting the tent. Yeah pretty fun! Only got an hour of sleep. Mei kept getting up. At one point she disappeared.

"I needed to pee."

Imba. LOL

We went off around 9.30am in the morning the next day feeling all dead and exhausted. But it was a really fun event.

Mind my lackluster efforts of writing but I'll let the pics do the talking. :)