MPOC Leg 3

For everyone's information yeah, I still do competitive paintball and recently my team, Ultimate Speed, and I went for the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit Leg 3.

Just a quick fill up on the competitive paintball scene here in Malaysia. There are 2 major paintball tournaments which are the Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) and the one I just stated MPOC. Each season will be broken up into 5 legs throughout the year.

Currently, we're in leg 3 and leg 4 is to start in July. Which I doubt I would be able to play since I need to study!

It was nice meeting up with the team after my long hiatus from the local paintball scene. You know how's school like don't you? Yeah so we started the first day pretty average I guess. 4 wins 4 losts. Maybe cause everyone was still kinda tired and stuff. But it was fun nonetheless. Got into the quarter finals.

In quarters it was a best 2 outta 3. Our first game we won. Second we lost and the third game was against Team Hammer. Which is kinda funny cause every team that we beat will beat hammer and every team that we lose to hammer would beat. But in every game. We have never beaten hammer.

We lost the game. By that time, a few very solid teams like Spunky Militia, Overkill, us were already out but we stayed on to watch the games.

Team Hammer won the leg. As expected.

But the best part about paintballing isn't the pain or anything. Its the pictures. :P

Which I hope gets posted up soon!

P.S JPJ test is tmrw. Parents think I'm gonna fail. I probably will anyway. Wish me luck!



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