We look forward for holidays so much but when it comes we wish for school. Ah, were just an ungrateful bunch no?

I feel extremely old at the moment. Maybe cause its all about driving, and college, and thinking about what to study, picking up chicks, you know the usual. Then suddenly it hits me! I'm just 17 and life is on the fast track.

I just wish things would just slow down. And I really miss school nowadays.

Maybe cause I'm know I'm really gonna miss high school. I can so totally take change but you know, sometimes you get those "Damn I'm gonna miss this." feelings. And sometimes you wonder are your friends always gonna be there for you? Are you gonna be this close?

Just recently I went for college, which I was alone, and you know I just got my phone and started texting a few of my peeps. Then it hit me! College is like in less than a year and life is gonna start all over again.

Maybe, I'm not ready for that chapter of my life. Not yet.

I miss school. And you guys. :)