Melawati High

Hey guys! Ever seen one of those sweaters that those American schools wear? The ones with their school names on them? Yeah, we're selling varsity sweaters in order to raise funds for the butt kicking, awesomest event of the year! Prom night! They're only RM 45 each, name customization can be done at the back for only additional 5 ringgit. So for all you vain asses (Like me.) who want their names at the back it can be done!

You can go ahead and pick the colour of your sweater (black/white) and the colour of your font (red/black/white).

Also, the sweaters come with 2 options. Either zippers or kangaroo pockets.

Let me tell you why you should buy it.

We are proud of who we are. Dude, Caprice bought one, and he even mentioned Melawati in his cover of Baby. We are one of the best looking schools in the state. No shit. We're awesome. We're the best there is. We are born and bred to be Melawatians and part of this awesome school.


To make an order, kindly seek

Fabiolla netto (5M)
Ilaina Khairulzaman (5N)
Nur athirah tan
Qistina Kamarulzaman (5A)
Julian Carlos (5N)
Arjun CK (5E)
Gan Nicholas (4E)
Justin Choy (5N) <-- THATS ME (Just drop me a text on the chatbox or text my phone!)

Sample sizes can be tried next week AFTER you make your orders!
Closing dates for orders and payments are as of next friday, 9th of July. Thanks!


Viva la Prom Night!