You Do, You Don't - The Friday Night Boys plays in the background.

It's been awhile hasn't it? Oh btw, it's a great song to listen to actually. So, where do I start?

I think the last time I blogged was, quite frankly, ages ago and I guess I should start with prom eh?

Let's see, prom.

I remembered the guys and I were really stressing about our performance for prom so immediately after our last paper (okay not immediately, after our post-SPM dinner cum shisha outing) we started our practice.

It was a grueling process of trial and error to decide which songs to perform plus looking for tabs and chords online. I didn't help that we rarely had everyone together at the same time. But we pulled through as always! We had Fabi to thank too, somehow with her around we tend to work more efficiently. She's like the lube of the engine!

That didn't come out right.

Prom , 20th December 2010.

After pulling an all nighter, (we did this for the past 4 days, much to the dismay of the neighbours!) we packed our stuff into 2 cars and headed to Prince Hotel. I seriously think we should hire roadies the next time we have a gig. We had to carry the drums and everything up and set everything up!

After waiting for so long we finally did our rehearsal and it seemed okay! I was shitting bricks though for the night!

We left our equipment there and went home to get ready. I, being chingko, wanted to save my money on the parking ticket since it was an all day pass, and took the damn LRT back. I realized now that I wasted more money on the taxi ride home. FML

I got home and it was around 5.30 so I rushed to get ready. Since I had no car I had to call Eric to pick me up, little did I know did Arjun, Jon and Julian were coming along too so we all squeeze in E's car. What a rock band! Arjun looked so Mafia man. Kinda like Vito Corleone.

We reached there kinda late with a few people already there and proceeded to Ticket to The Moon's suite. It was amazing in there! Anyway, we got our instruments and headed down to the performer's room where we met Caprice and his crew and Radhi from OAG.

To my surprise Radhi was actually super nice and humble, he even offered us to let us use his acoustic amp! He even showed us how it sounded! Awesome! Caprice and his crew was rehearsing their entry which was pretty awesome since one of them had a Spartan helmet, or in other words a Halo Master Chief helmet, on which was. Wow.

Mingling with people that dressed so good was awesome since SPM was over and everyone was in the mood. I remember how sharp the guys looked and how the girls looked beautiful! It's true what they say, a guy will always look good in a tux. Always.

At this point in time my balls were shrinking, then BAM! the Form 4 band went up. Kinda sucks to be remembered as the "form 4 band" since even I don't remember what they were called. Also, was pretty unfortunate that nobody went to the dance floor to cheer them on when they performed, maybe its that ego thing? Anyway, all of us went to get our equipment ready for the performance.

It was now, Do or Die, this is how we were gonna be remembered, either the greatest performance to date, or another flop. Whatever it was, it was gonna end with a bang.

..and what a loud bang that was.

We had 3 songs lined up that was Sex on Fire, Just Dance (Rock version yeah!) and We'll Be a Dream. Sex on Fire took a little time to warm up, no pun intended, but thanks to help from our boys TtTM we we're getting people on the floor! F yeah moment man! Then we did Just Dance and this time I think the adrenaline was really pumping.

I could've sworn that Julian would have crowd surfed if he could! It was just a damn awesome moment!

Anyway, not everything was perfect, our last song took us like, half and hour to set up! Just to find some damn stools and a missing acoustic. Fortunately, we nailed it. Paul and Fabi did an amazing performance that made them couples slow dance. Gotta admit, these are the moments you wish you had brought someone to prom. I had someone in mind okay! but she was busy!

After that I think, personally, that the song would forever remind me of prom night and bring back these memories. Bittersweet I guess.

So then when our boys went to perform we returned the favor by pulling the crowd in for them! I must say, they probably had a more livelier crowd than we did! Maybe cause we warmed them up? :P Oh well, it was awesome too!
Even better when they collaborated with Radhi!

I wouldn't know how to properly describe Caprice's performance since it was just flipping wicked. I was, a skeptic, but I guess I was wrong! His performance was pretty awesome and he even did a video of well, us!

Try to spot me!

As the festivities continued, time was moving faster than anyone imagined, I remember not even eating that much since like, most of my time was spent um, NOT eating. I WANTED MY FRIED RICE DAMN IT

At around 11.45pm or something they were gonna announce the winners of the various awards of the night like Best Personality, Best Brains, and of course, Prom King and Queen. Oh and I was in the running for that title too!

Contrary to popular belief, I did NOT vote for anyone that night other than Denise for which I thought she looked stunning. The picture above illustrates what I did NOT do. I think that was Aiman's vote. Thanks man ♥

Anyway, I figured that I had no way of actually winning this since the majority of the votes would go to probably Faidhi or something. So yeah, took of my suit and just chilled there while they announced the results.

I almost fell of my chair when they announced the winner. I swear that I didn't even half expect that he of all people would be the winner.

Then, applause.

Dude, you fucking won!

Choy, I'm so proud of you!

Holy shit dude you won!

Get up there la quickly!

I just won Prom King. Me. What the fuck?

This would probably be one of the greatest moments and achievement of my high school life if I hadn't so busy trying to get my suit back on and fumbling about. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the century. I was literally shaking!

There are so many shots of me doing that I-just-shat-myself face on Facebook which I should upload here. It was epic! but I was nervous as hell when I was up there.

I mean, traditionally speaking, I don't think Chinese people normally won prom king. I feel like Obama! I don't know how to describe my feelings in words but if I could, it felt like the greatest achievement ever. It was nice to know hey, people like me. :)

Okay, I'm done being full of myself. Sorry, it was just so amazing that night.

That's what she said.

ANYWAY, after all that I think our host Marcus came up to me and said "Hey, ever since I saw you with your bass I knew you would have won." That was kinda, um, flattering I guess! and and these twins came up to me and told me they voted for me. <3

After packing up the instruments and drums on our trolley we had a few moments to linger around and mingle. We took a bunch of group photos, some polaroids (which I proudly stick in my room.) and some pictures with everyone that night. Did I mention how good everyone looked?

Then it struck me.

A sudden realization that damn, this is gonna be one of the last nights that I see the class of 2010 together. It was a bittersweet moment. On one hand, it was one of the most spectacular nights of the year spent with some of the awesomest company you could ever have dreamed of and on the other, it's like a transition where we're all gonna be out to do our things and pave a way for our future. No more messing around, life starts now.


After that some of us like the Ticket to The Moon guys headed back to the room. For me, I was too exhausted to continue going anywhere after that. I sent a few people home and got home around 3am. Didn't help that I had a Melaka trip with the church buddies the next day at 7am!

Even though I was exhausted as hell, I couldn't resist opening my present from prom! New cologne yay! I dozed off shortly after.

I sincerely think that Melawati's Prom of 2010 was absolutely brilliant. Sure it had it's ups and downs but I think that it all paid off in the end. I think its a night everyone would look back to and remember. All the memories and experience that we shared throughout the year ends with a bang! I wouldn't think of a more elaborate way to end my high school life. Also, gotta thank everyone who voted for me that night! It means so much to actually win it! I will keep that sash forever haha!

Gonna miss each and everyone of you guys. :')

Melawati High. Class of 2010