A self absorbed person

A person who is self absorbed will look at himself more than the other person while webcamming. Yes. I'm doing that now. my hair is fail.

This is gonna be a happy post!

Boo! Ahahaha!

Well. Apparently my blog has been gettin waaaaaay to freakin emo lately. So gotta liven up the place. Erm. What should we talk about today? No Love. No Life. No Dr. Phil-ish crap. Just pure happiness. woots!

Well. These few days. I have been repeated "Tapped" (i.e Pushed.) into the pool. Like. So many times. I keep fallin in too! ITS YOUR FAULT! Ahahaha. And yeah. Ian is freaking adorable.

Though highly irritating at times. but yeah. Kids. pfft. :D

My brother is probably love struck now by the neighbor. xD Cause its kinda cute how he reacts around her. Hahah

I'm really losing words to describe things that has happened. Gah.

This holiday is gonna be a tiring one. Have like so many things to go for. My grandma wants me to spend time with her. I got mission trip things. Got loads of crazy things to do with my homeboys (and girls no duh), Parties to attend. Holy crap.

Don't even sure whether I can go for all of this. lol

Well. Happy holidays guys! I'm so F'ed for my exam! Oh well.

See you guys soon.


How time flies.

How time flies. Years come and go. You lose friends. You make new ones.
I remembered. How when I was younger, I always wanted to grow up. Rushing towards adulthood.


Now I just wanna be my age. You know. 16. Life is just in its infancy. I don't wanna rush it. Time. Its so cruel. Wish it would just stop. Just for awhile. So that one can appreciate the more simple things in life.

Because clearly. All that revolves around us these days are money, money and more money. Life isn't about that! But we're so constantly caught up with ourselves we don't actually wait and ponder. Why are we studying? We'll probably your thinking to make money.

Well yeah. Thats important. But still. Why cant everyone just chill for a sec? Look around. Enjoy it while you can. Who knows. You can strike the lottery and die the next day.

On your death bed. You could be the richest person. But when you look back at life's experiences you'll just regret that you we're to busy to enjoy it. Friends. Family.

Everyone comes and go. Love em while they're here. Its true what they say, You don't miss a person till they're gone. So true.

Angels are all around you. Watching your back. But you gotta appreciate em. :)

All I'm wishing for now is for time to just hit the brakes.


I am promoting myself. LOL.

Okay. Before anything. I would like to apologize in advance if this kinda makes unsatisfied with me or smth but I did this for fun. FOR FUN. :)

Justin,16, Single

Not your average 16 year old.
Some people STILL cant guess his age correctly.
A very fun guy to be with.
Makes people smile all the time with his antics.
A very shy and laid back person if you dont know him.
Can be really hyper, really open, and can crap with you about almost anything when we're close.
Somewhat oblivious at realizing things.
Believe that life is too short to be taken too seriously.
A Chronic Procrastinator.
Loves talking about relationships.
Very sarcastic at times.
Can be a total pain in the butt sometimes.
Uberly vain and self absorbed.
But confident at the same time.
Doesn't let what people think stop him from having a good time.
Somewhat rude.
Loves the rain.
Has a split personality.
People think he's metro.
Likes taking pictures alot with friends or anything.
Jack of All Trades but master at none.
Believes that True Love can only be obtained when two individuals surrender themselves fully their significant other.
Doesn't believe in holding grudges. For life is 2 short.
Has a secret desire to sing and play the guitar.
Has a soft sentimental side many don't realize.
Would do ANYTHING for fame. Dreams of being famous one day.
Likes attention.
Will get depressed when ignored.
Likes wearing the fedora.

Looking for

Someone beautiful, intelligent, caring, emotional, protective, demanding, and she'd know me better than I know yourself.
Look for someone with a big heart, a huge smile and beautiful eyes. Someone who comes up to you everytime you see them and gives you a giant hug. Someone who's eyes light up every time you see them, and someone who makes you smile when you see them in your mind.
That someone.
You can share anything with her, and you have your occasional fights but you love her anyways.

Again I remind thee. This is for the name of fun.

Somehow Bio wasnt as bad as I expected. :D

For the first time ever. I actually studied. Thanks to fabs for the constant naggin..er I mean. Advice! xD Couldn't have done it without you. :)

4 Hours! Woot! Of Bio! Hahaha. Actually paid off. Kinda? I think? Idk. I did my best. Will just hope.

Sorry for not updating. I have been er. Kinda busy with exams and all. :) But heres a recap.

Julian's birthday was on Wednesday. We planned a surprise one for him. It was EPIC. He had NO IDEA! Seriously! When we went to KFC. He got the shock of his life. Haha!

And I think this was mostly cause

a) Jon's face
b) Jon's face
c) Jon's face.

HAHAH. Me and Nahrend was so tensed not to tell him. Jon damn cool only. Like.. quoting Nahrend.

"Stylo Milo" =_=

Yes. We rock at surprise parties. I'm sorry my big yellow friend that we didnt do anything for u! We'll kidnap you next year! (Yes jon. I know your reading. :P)

Meh. I got nothing much to talk abt. I'll update sooooon. :D

Back to restaurant city! ITS SERIOUSLY SUCKING MY LIFE AWAY! D:


I am really REALLY BORED.

Justin, 16, Single.


Happy :D

I'm happy! Ice cream always makes me happy ^^

Tried pisachio today. Not bad. Still prefer my choc though ^^

I am just fuming,

Sometimes. People do shit to us. We forgive them. We try to forget. But the damage is done. The scar had been made.

I've come this close to not caring or giving a damn. I just don't get why forgetting a person is so tough. Especially someone who hurt you badly. Until you can remember exactly the situation where it happened.

I remember. Those exact words said to me. Not even my parents said that to me. Nor even my friends. I remember. It was raining. I was standing. At 7.30pm in the rain. Talking to you. Don't you think I've forgotten.

You know. These things which might not seem like much. Actually hurt me a lot.

To come this close. To forgetting. Isn't an easy task. Just that.
When I lay my eyes upon you. And see how fucking hypocritical you are makes me so pissed off.

No seriously. You have no idea. I know. Its wrong to be vengeful and you should forgive you enemies.

But forgive Lord for I cannot control my inner urges to shoot this person.
Seeing you being all "Holy" makes me question. Do you really seek God? I don't know.

I apologize. Because I am clearly fuming. There's internal conflict all around right now. I'm on the verge of not caring anymore.

But look at the bright side. I got the best friends on the planet. That love me for who I am. I couldn't care less if you "DISLIKE" me.

I got to many other things to be happy about. Like the mission trip, PD with fabs, church, Exams.

So screw you if you don't like me.


Actually. I dont want you to die. I want you to suffer. And killing you would just be too fast. Die. Slowly.

Yes. I am morbid. Please forgive me.

I cant study for nuts!

I seriously DO NOT KNOW how to study. Somehow in pass 9 years of my schooling life I have been extremely lucky in my exams.

I dont. Freaking. Get. This.

I wonder how those geniuses cram everything into their head. We only use 5% of it!


Exams are in like what. Idk, 5 days?

Gone lar.

At least this time I know I'll do better for Physics and Add Maths. Weee~

Bio. Maybe? Chemy? Maybe. Sejarah? Maybe. But I'm screwing my add maths.

Nvm! I will try.

But first. gotta get off this computer. :(


Fairytales, Lies, Love?

I used to believe in fairy tales. Used to think there could be 2 individuals falling in love happily, ever after.

Happily.. Ever after? Dont know how badly misinterpreted that word is.

Justin Choy is a romantic person who values Love alot. But recently, he has become more of a pessimist. Not in nature. Naturally, he is pretty optimistic.

But somehow. He's rather skeptical about the outcomes of another relationship.

He's forgotten the incidents that occurred but scared. This makes him question whether its all worth it. The amount of things that a person puts in a relationship, especially Justin, makes him wonder if he actually gets appreciated for all the small things he does.

What if this happens?
What if we break up?
What if things dont work out?

Thousands of questions rush through his head when he lay eyes on her. A girl. Always thinking that maybe a relationship can be developed.

Who was once a confident, vibrant, loving and caring individual is suddenly consumed by the very fires of uncertainty.

Do I have what it takes?
Do YOU think I have what I takes?
Do I think I have what it takes?

I wouldn't know. Perfection lies in looking at the person perfectly and overlooking his imperfections and flaws.

He now realizes that all things come to an end. May it be good or bad. He wonders whether giving his life to some girl would be that significant. Honestly, doubts and pessimism overwhelms and plagues his judgment.

He looks at you. He looks pass the beautiful and meaningful time they'll have together. He looks straight to the end. He doesn't wanna hurt anymore people. Not anymore.

He often daydreams about things he always wanted to do. To love and be loved in return. He often ponders and wonders.

"Maybe one day. She'll be the right one."

Till that day comes, Justin shall remain the person who he always was.


Hope you liked my story :)

Fuck you BSOD

So here are the statistics

I got a record of 19 freezes and reboots in a span of an hour.
A daily average of 3 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

FUBAR man. ==.

Btw. I was super hyper in class just now, I started laughing hysterically. And I did a description for some people in my class. So funny. List isnt complete. But its really retarded.

Jon said put it like those dating websites with the pictures. Ahahahah! And I shall!


Water Grafiti!

Welcome to the class of 4 Kreatif. The name it self is enough to strike the hearts of many for which we are the infamous. 4 Kreatif.

I went to school today without realizing there was a hole in the the bottle cap filled with water.

We got bored. We were creative. I had an idea. Felt like leaving my mark. Our mark. We knew the consequences. But more importantly.

We knew.

It would be.


HAHAHA. So here are the pics. We were bored la kays. Very d bored.

By the way,

Happy birthday to Cynthia!



Happy belated Mothers Day!

Happy belated mothers day! :D

Sorry for my late update. My computer frozed on me like 17 times already. Sigh.

Anyways, Happy Mothers Day! (well, at time of writing. Belated. )

So. Church was in the morning. Joanne baked cupcakes again! Thank YOU~! ^_^ ♥

Went to Hard Rock Cafe after that to celebrate mummy's day!

HRC is really an awesome place. The one near Bkt. Nanas monorail. Freakin awesome environment. Rock and roll :D wee

We ordered so much food. I ordered the 10oz burger. I was so retarded. I told my dad I want that "Ten O Z Burger" And my dad laughed at said its pronounced "Ounce"


This is what was left of it. It was HUGE I tell you.

And then there was this lady who came around making balloons. She made this for my mum. ^^

Yeah. That's my Mum. Aint she pretty? :D

As delicious as the food was. We couldn't help but have some dessert. Dad said the brownies were good. So we ordered it.

Boy, that was hell of a sinful treat. Hot fudge on vanilla. Sounds good does it not? Yeah. And guess what. WE ORDERED MORE DESSERT!

Uh oh. Made me wanna work out. Again. Hahaha

Here it is. So many types of chocolate omg! Felt so fat after eating this.

Was a fun day really. Went to KLCC after that. Didn't get anything though. Felt that I should clear my closer first. :D

Oh oh. Before I forget. We're supposed to bring friends to NexGen. So anyone wanna come with me let me know! :D It'll be fun.

Yes. I'm talking to You. Yes You! hahah


Fridays. Gah. Fun though.

One of the pictures of my bday. :) Emooooo~

Today. Is Friday The 8th. Of May. woot?

Today was actually quite fun. We were talkin at the back as usual. Since Siviks teacher wasn't really doing anything and was boring us.

As usual. Jayshree and Lai and the others would come to our class to lepak. It was really funny when Nahrend and Julian started arguing abt shoes. Roffle!

Retards. But it was really comical. Retarded. But comical none the less.

And this is a staged picture of Julian.

Again. Retard.

After school Lyno, Fabs, Jud, Keith, Jays and I went to the old town kopitiam in Permata. Was kinda fun. Ahahaha. But lemme do a short review of the place.

YOUR FREAKING SERVICE SUCK. Yes. SUCK. ffs smile damn you. So hard meh? And wtf when we ask for chopsticks you just dump it on our table. You freaking douchebag.

And that waiter is such a bitch. Dah la treat us like crap and whats more when we ask for chopsticks you gave us FOUR pairs but only THREE spoons that accompany it!. You douche. ==.

Forgive me. But it was really really stupid.

Anyways, after that. Lynn ordered this ice cream on toast or smth and then the kaya one came first. She was like.

"It looked so DIFFERENT on the picture! What happened to the ice cream?"

We all started laughing. Cause apparently. THIS is the kaya one which is jayshree's

Which Lynn mistaken for this. AHAHAHA

Yesh. I know. We're a weird bunch. I still love you Lynn~ >.<

Anyways. After that Judson went to Tbun and Jays and Lynn went home. Fabs and Keith and I took a cab to my place. But the cab dude dropped Fabs and me first. Keith was gonna go home.

Julian came. He told me Arjun and Paul couldnt come for the band practice. GAH!

Oh well. We did our songs anyway. Fabs is a superb singer. She just keeps denying the fact. Sigh. If your bad. Then what am I. hahah.

We sang alot of songs. Was really fun. Be sure to check out our performance soon ^^.

Oh. Later that day. Dad came back from Bangkok. With gifts as usual!


Yeah. May not look like much. But its a bun shaped stress ball!
The Stress Bun! Hahah. Not only does it look 98% like an actual BUN, It smells like it too. AND I'M SERIOUS! Hahaha


An F50 shaped pendrive! So freaking cool weih. I'm being all jakun and hyper but its probably the sweets kicking in at 1am. Its cool ryte! :D

And then we went out for makan at this Korean restaurant at Korean Road. Near Ampang there. BBQ! Weee~

The amount of stuff Koreans serve you as before the meal is absurd. It never fails to amaze me. I still dislike kimchi though.

Dinner was good. The lady said that it was Mother's Day today in Korea. So Happy Mother's day Korean peoples! :D

And then we went to this Korean Mart shop. It was a Korean convenience store really. I remembered buying silkworms and eating em here. Freakin disgusting. But yeah. It was funny. Never gonna do that ever again. I couldn't find them again this time. But apparently somebody
was really interested in it. *cough*yi en*cough* :P

I saw this product that made me laugh really. ^^

Hahah so it was a fun day really. Hope you enjoyed reading! ^^


A short poem. and random Rants..

I'm really lacking clues to update. But since I'm on a roll on all things sentimental. Here goes.


If I could dream at night,
And if those dreams came true,
I would force myself to sleep,
So that I could dream of You.


And to just make things less emo. I will relate what Nahrend told me today.


Q: What do you call a Singh with one testicle?
A: Singh Gle. (Single)

Q: What do you call a Singh with two testicles?
A: Balan Singh (Balancing)

Q: What do you call a Singh with three testicles?
A: Amaz Singh (Amazing)

Q: What do you call a Singh with four testicles?
A: Surpry Singh (Surprising)

Its funnier when he told me I assure you. It cracked me up so bad I was laughing hysterically. :)


Love at first sight & Relationships.

Hey readers! =)

Today we'll be talking on the pressing issues of love at first sight.

Love at first sight, I must say, is a load of horse crap. I mean seriously. How are you gonna know you love that person when you haven't even know him/her well enough.

Our judgment is based merely on the "first door" as one may put it. The first door in this case is basically the looks. The physical attributes of an individual.

Only when the first door is unlocked, will the 2nd door be given a chance to be unlocked.

Its the sad truth that is unfortunately plaguing our mindset. Sad. But its better than lying and saying anyone would go for the most kind, gentle, sweet, caring person on the planet but has a face of a mutant. I mean. Whose to kid ryte? You cant lie and say the otherwise.

And I'm not saying that being the most beautiful/ handsome girl/guy is gonna land you a place in everyone's heart. Looks are deceiving. You may be the most extravagant human being on the planet but if you have a heart made of shit then people aren't gonna think your so extravagant anymore. Are they?
What I'm merely trying to point out is that you have to at least be above "average". That is what I mean about the "First Door".

See. If it were up to me I would choose personality over aesthetics because well, a person's physical appearance will change overtime. But a person's personality WILL NOT. And I bet everyone's heard the "I'll change I'll change" sentence right. But what do you really understand about that? Is it, changing into a better person? Or is it changing his/her personality all over?

A person may or may not change depending on what that particular thing is. If its like a bad habit, then maybe. But if its something like personality, something like how a person talks, or reacts to things, or how anxious or caring he/she is or stuff like that, Then its hard to change.

A person's personality is what makes him who he is. You can't make a person change that. For him/her to change that is making him/her lie to themselves. And indirectly lying to you to make you happy.

Can you see now what I mean of love at first sight? Its non-existent. Each and every one of us who fell in love before should know that you have to get to know a person before knowing that it would be a blissful relationship.

Ever wondered why many relationships don't turn out well? Its probably due to the fact that many couples don't really know the true personality of their significant other yet. And yet, unfortunately, many are consumed by lust and think that it was destined or love at first sight, as many put it.

But its also true. That you wouldn't really know a person until you start living with them. But no relationship is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Its about seeing the person you love perfectly. I remember those exact words of what a girl said to me. And its what I stand for today.

That's why its best not to believe what people say about love at first sight. It just hurts when they find out the truth and that it was a doomed relationship from the very beginning.

Every time we look at a person who we think is pretty awesome and think that we're in love is actually lust. Only when 2 individuals know each others personality well and when they have mutual feelings for each other is a beautiful relationship going to start.

But there are some people who are beautiful on the outside and the inside too. Rare. But there are some. But then again, whose to judge. A person in a relationship with you that works out for you might not work out for others. To define it is like defining art. You cant define art because there is no definition art. Its based purely on the perspective of an individual.

That's just my 2 cents on the topic. I hope you readers out there enjoyed the post. Please feel free to comment as this is an open ended discussion. Hope you guys liked it! :)