22 Christian Missionary familes that will be executed?

I just got a text message that reads.

"Please pray for the 22 Christian missionary families that will be executed today in Afghanistan. Please spread fast to as many will pray"

Got me kinda worried. And I was wondering whether this was either some hoax or real thing.

Apparently, it isnt just us in Malaysia that this message is circulating. Apparently all over the world.


But anyhow. Whether its true or not. We should still pray as we should never underestimate the power or prayer. There are many unsaved people not only in Afghanistan but all over the world.

Wont hurt anyone to believe.


That butterflies in your stomach feeling.

That feeling where you'll make up the most cheesiest of things to say. Just to make her smile.

I miss being there for somebody.

Miss calling till the wee hours of the morning until I fall asleep on the phone.

Miss buying food and callin you fat. Which your not.

But most of all.

I miss being in Love with You.

I wish. I'll get that feeling again.

Someday. I wish I could just look a girl in the eyes and say the most beautiful thing in the world.

I Love You.


The rain.

How a thing so beautiful as the rain be took for granted.

Its that funny feeling you get. Seeing God's work His magic through it.

Those drops from Heaven hit the ground giving that familiar sound.

A feeling really special, when it rains.

The truly indescribable sight as the light rays shine through the dark overcast.

The mist that clouds the high mountains covered with trees tall as the eye can see.

The sense of nostalgia and reminiscence of the past.

The gentle breeze that brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

A time. Truly subtle enough to think. Of what to do with Life.

Yesterday was sports day! :)

As usual I will participate. But I'm always so unlucky.

Last year.

I was forced to go for 1500m and 4x 400m.

This year.

They didnt freakin put me in 100m sprint. Probably the only thing that I'm good in. Besides long jump lar.

But not's all bad, I thought. Was in 4x100m.

See. I "thought" it wasnt as bad.

Hell was I wrong. As usual.

See, I was the anchor runner. Which basically was the last guy.

The starter was good. But the 2nd and 3rd runner cant run even if their lives depended on it. MY GOODNESS.

They were pathetic, no offense. Look like he was jogging.

I was waiting for them to pass me the baton while the other teams started running.

One was even half way there. lol


My family was there supporting me too. Hahah.

But overall a fun day larh.

I'll strive to get a gold. At least one. Next year.


Watched Benjamin Button today. 3 Hours. But its a really really touching and meaningful story.

I'm bored. So. I'm gonna post some survey crap. Listin 10 things I dislike.


1. The feeling of regret. That kinda feeling when you know you could have got it. But then screw up.

2. Show offs. Oh gosh, I dont give a damn if you wear something expensive. You still look like crap to me.

3. Demanding people. I know your rich and all. But cant you be contented with what you have and not want EVERYTHING that other people have that u dont?

4. Being called rich. Which I'm not. Maybe my parents. Not me. Hahah.

5. Being short. I feel soooo stunted. =_=

6. Being ignored! I'm not a wall you know.

7. People that bitches about you behind your back. If you really dislike me. Let me know. Why tell others.

8. People that want something from you but HINTS and uses other people's name for their own gain.

9. People who takes advantage. I know I'm a nice guy. But come on. I have a limit.

10. Girls/Guys that treat girls/guys differently when they find out that they like them. This is just Lame. alrite?
I finally cut my hair today. Looks alrite. But I have like a humongous forehead. Hahaha.

Funny you know. Earlier. I was at MPH. Wanted to get some books. Apparently I brought in another book that was at MPH too.

So as I proceeded to the exit. The guard gave me that one kind look and said.

Itu apa? I was like My book? =_=!

And then he made a fuss and thought I was stealin and he called the MPH guy.

He said can he check. I was like. Go, Go ahead. MPH guy said cant trace cause apparently theres no price tag.

And I was like. I bought it a week ago at like. Popular?

He at first didnt believe him. But he did. Eventually. And apologized.

But I was totally fine with that!

And P.S

Wishing all people who're taking exams today. Like my bro.

Best of Luck!

Valentines Day. :)

Ironically, yesterday was Friday the 13th. And today's Valentines day?

I went to Pavilion, Time Square, Jalan BB, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang, and KLCC today with Arthur, Judson, Adeline, Serena and Keegan.

Started out really sad.

Went there. Alone. Seeing so many couples. Saw all those sweet and romantic notes at S&J's

I went "Aww" with a "Sigh" too. =(

Went and met Keegan and friend at Carl Jnrs. Ate there twice today omg. I'm getting fat.

We went to watch Valkyrie again. It was EPIC. If u read the history of WW2. Its really. EPIC.

We went walking around and I got lost a few times. T.T

But somehow I really love Pavi's architecture.

Oh! And I met Angel. After 5 months + since I went out with her. She looks really cute and pretty. I just didnt say it. Will tell her tomorrow. And Angel. If your reading this. I think your shoes are really cute. I just HAD to annoy you just now! Ahahaha.

Beatrice. WHY DID U SLAP ME!?

Andros. You should try going for Andre. and not me. And yeah. Go for her. She's single. :P

Oh! You know what's really ironic is that I bought my phone a day before Valentines Day 2008.

And lost it Today. Valentine's day. 2009.


By the way, Wishing all readers (As little as it may be..) A Happy Valentines day.

Hope you guys had a great time. ^^

A turn for the better.

Excuse my unintentional emo-ness this few days. Have been.

Well, Emo.

I've decided. I'm gonna try moving on. Be happy. Enjoy my life.

No point worrying and no point being sad anymore.

I'll be happy. ^^

And I'm suddenly really into Electronic music. lol.

I shall end with a really something really emo I thought of the other day.

"Theres this, constant rain cloud.

Hung high.

Following me.

Drowning me.

Pouring down sadness and sorrows.

Darkness and Silence follows me,

An owner of a broken heart. "

That was for the sake of it. d:

St. Johns at Batu Caves

*Typing sound, Dramatic Music ala Mission Impossible*

0627 HOURS, Somewhere in Batu Caves.

St. Johns dispatched a Division from the KST branch of command to provide emergency aid and assistance to the PBSM and to relieve the St. Johns that held their ground the night before.


Anyways. Don't mind my military-ish intro. Was just in the mood for it. *Laughs*

Tinesh, Fabi, Jayshree, Lai KC,Kiren, Rachael Anne, Ganesh's Daughter, some one I couldnt remember and Me went for St. John's duty at batu caves.

We arrived and immediately got nervous. Was HELLUVA lotta people. And there were stalls. All set up around the flyover. We had to make our ways through the craploads of people to the base to report to the Officer in charge.

Yeah. Funny thing happened when we got there. They asked for our first aid kit you see.

And the First Aid kit was always with Ganesh. So we never knew what he put inside there.

It was so embarassing. Here are some of the stuff that was inside.

French Oil.
What? French Oil? Wtf am I gonna do with French Oil? Give the guy a foot massage?

A Mirror.
The Officer remarked sarcastically saying that we could deflect the sunlight and send out signals.

Compact Makeup kit.
The Officer sarcastically said again that we could make the person who fainted look more presentable. (Wha..?)

Some pills and painkillers.
Technically we are NEVER supposed to give anything edible to anyone.

Yeah. Not only was our First Aid kit unusable, It was incomplete as well. What a joke.

We started at 0715 hours. And was stationed at the main entrance.

I was like. Oh Gosh. WHY THERE. Was looking forward for stairs duty but there was 3 under 16's with us. So. =_=

Well. First few hours was hot, humid, smelly, but it wasnt all that bad. Gotta admire the Hindu's and their faith. Those Kavadi's look either really heavy/ painful.

Its was probably around 9+ or arnd 10 when these people came and asked me for an interview.

I said that I was on duty and that if they wanted. They needed to come back later. Cheh. But in my heart was really really wanting that interview. LOL

at around 1030 they came back. This time we were like. Wadaheck. Do it only lar.

But then suddenly, The cameraman felt like fainting. So we had to fan him. And helped him rest. Tinesh did most of it. He was alrite after awhile.

So Tinesh was the first to get interviewed. First talked in BM. Saying he's parents gave him inspirasi and something like that. After that, He had to speak in English. It was all slanged. Hahah. Thats what he said.

Then Fabi got interviewed. And then last but not least. It was my turn. Ahahah. Was pretty funny. Tinesh was telling me what to say. And my Malay got slang. Omg. Epic Fail.

Okay. So I had like a really bad lunch. Soya burgers? Never fucking eating them again. So we went back to work around 1300Hours.

Okay, This is like the best part of the day. Suddenly, the other st. john member's gathered around something. So we ran to check what the commotion was about.

Some one just fainted. Yay. I was totally panicking lar. I ran back to the base wanting to get something for the vic but the officer's said I couldn't. Right behind me was some St. Johns from Kepong finding the stretcher.

We had to rush back. So some girl and me was shoving everyone and making way for the stretcher. We made it to the vic and had to carry her on it.

Bloody heavy. _ _!

So 6 of us had to ferry her back to base to stabilise her. Was so COOL. Omg. I was so jakun. ahahah. I heard some asshole shouted us to shut up when we said excuse me.

Sonuvabish. =_=

That was like. The whole Climax of the day. Made everything worth it.

Finished and reached Melawati around 1530Hours.

Was really tiring. Hot (39C D:) but really really Fun!.


Guitar Hero wannabe.

All those countless hours and sleepless nights..

Those 5 buttons on that toy guitar.

Nailing the solo's on Freebird and Stillborn..

It was never enough. Never REAL enough.

I needed the real thing..

Everyone starts somewhere.

I needed my big break.

Yes, on that faithful Sunday afternoon I got it.

The Yamaha EG112C set. Woot!

Yeah. Was awesome. Getting my FIRST electric.

Though. I still havent EXPLOITED its potential. But yeah. Soon. ^^


Party Synopsis.

Yes. One hell of a night!

Last thursday was an awesome party at my house. Loads of people came. Around 65 ish if I'm not mistaken. omg. Yeah so sorry for not layaning everyone yeah? I had to like give directions every 5 minutes ahahah.

My computers got conquered by dota players omfg. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Names shall not be mentioned. Jeez.

Ahahah and to the guys who lost money gambling. HAHAH!

I lost RM11 gawdemmnit. T_T

Sorry guys for my sad selection of songs. Will be better next time. Excuse my attempts at hostin for the 1st time.

OH! And sorry we didnt get to play 7 Minutes in heaven, -Insert Name Here-. Maybe next time ;P

Photos will be posted soon. When I get hold of it.

Special thanks to Syamil for being the photographer.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! ^^

Btw, Pics are already in my facebook. So check em out! ^^