St. Johns at Batu Caves

*Typing sound, Dramatic Music ala Mission Impossible*

0627 HOURS, Somewhere in Batu Caves.

St. Johns dispatched a Division from the KST branch of command to provide emergency aid and assistance to the PBSM and to relieve the St. Johns that held their ground the night before.


Anyways. Don't mind my military-ish intro. Was just in the mood for it. *Laughs*

Tinesh, Fabi, Jayshree, Lai KC,Kiren, Rachael Anne, Ganesh's Daughter, some one I couldnt remember and Me went for St. John's duty at batu caves.

We arrived and immediately got nervous. Was HELLUVA lotta people. And there were stalls. All set up around the flyover. We had to make our ways through the craploads of people to the base to report to the Officer in charge.

Yeah. Funny thing happened when we got there. They asked for our first aid kit you see.

And the First Aid kit was always with Ganesh. So we never knew what he put inside there.

It was so embarassing. Here are some of the stuff that was inside.

French Oil.
What? French Oil? Wtf am I gonna do with French Oil? Give the guy a foot massage?

A Mirror.
The Officer remarked sarcastically saying that we could deflect the sunlight and send out signals.

Compact Makeup kit.
The Officer sarcastically said again that we could make the person who fainted look more presentable. (Wha..?)

Some pills and painkillers.
Technically we are NEVER supposed to give anything edible to anyone.

Yeah. Not only was our First Aid kit unusable, It was incomplete as well. What a joke.

We started at 0715 hours. And was stationed at the main entrance.

I was like. Oh Gosh. WHY THERE. Was looking forward for stairs duty but there was 3 under 16's with us. So. =_=

Well. First few hours was hot, humid, smelly, but it wasnt all that bad. Gotta admire the Hindu's and their faith. Those Kavadi's look either really heavy/ painful.

Its was probably around 9+ or arnd 10 when these people came and asked me for an interview.

I said that I was on duty and that if they wanted. They needed to come back later. Cheh. But in my heart was really really wanting that interview. LOL

at around 1030 they came back. This time we were like. Wadaheck. Do it only lar.

But then suddenly, The cameraman felt like fainting. So we had to fan him. And helped him rest. Tinesh did most of it. He was alrite after awhile.

So Tinesh was the first to get interviewed. First talked in BM. Saying he's parents gave him inspirasi and something like that. After that, He had to speak in English. It was all slanged. Hahah. Thats what he said.

Then Fabi got interviewed. And then last but not least. It was my turn. Ahahah. Was pretty funny. Tinesh was telling me what to say. And my Malay got slang. Omg. Epic Fail.

Okay. So I had like a really bad lunch. Soya burgers? Never fucking eating them again. So we went back to work around 1300Hours.

Okay, This is like the best part of the day. Suddenly, the other st. john member's gathered around something. So we ran to check what the commotion was about.

Some one just fainted. Yay. I was totally panicking lar. I ran back to the base wanting to get something for the vic but the officer's said I couldn't. Right behind me was some St. Johns from Kepong finding the stretcher.

We had to rush back. So some girl and me was shoving everyone and making way for the stretcher. We made it to the vic and had to carry her on it.

Bloody heavy. _ _!

So 6 of us had to ferry her back to base to stabilise her. Was so COOL. Omg. I was so jakun. ahahah. I heard some asshole shouted us to shut up when we said excuse me.

Sonuvabish. =_=

That was like. The whole Climax of the day. Made everything worth it.

Finished and reached Melawati around 1530Hours.

Was really tiring. Hot (39C D:) but really really Fun!.