Valentines Day. :)

Ironically, yesterday was Friday the 13th. And today's Valentines day?

I went to Pavilion, Time Square, Jalan BB, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang, and KLCC today with Arthur, Judson, Adeline, Serena and Keegan.

Started out really sad.

Went there. Alone. Seeing so many couples. Saw all those sweet and romantic notes at S&J's

I went "Aww" with a "Sigh" too. =(

Went and met Keegan and friend at Carl Jnrs. Ate there twice today omg. I'm getting fat.

We went to watch Valkyrie again. It was EPIC. If u read the history of WW2. Its really. EPIC.

We went walking around and I got lost a few times. T.T

But somehow I really love Pavi's architecture.

Oh! And I met Angel. After 5 months + since I went out with her. She looks really cute and pretty. I just didnt say it. Will tell her tomorrow. And Angel. If your reading this. I think your shoes are really cute. I just HAD to annoy you just now! Ahahaha.

Beatrice. WHY DID U SLAP ME!?

Andros. You should try going for Andre. and not me. And yeah. Go for her. She's single. :P

Oh! You know what's really ironic is that I bought my phone a day before Valentines Day 2008.

And lost it Today. Valentine's day. 2009.


By the way, Wishing all readers (As little as it may be..) A Happy Valentines day.

Hope you guys had a great time. ^^