Yesterday was sports day! :)

As usual I will participate. But I'm always so unlucky.

Last year.

I was forced to go for 1500m and 4x 400m.

This year.

They didnt freakin put me in 100m sprint. Probably the only thing that I'm good in. Besides long jump lar.

But not's all bad, I thought. Was in 4x100m.

See. I "thought" it wasnt as bad.

Hell was I wrong. As usual.

See, I was the anchor runner. Which basically was the last guy.

The starter was good. But the 2nd and 3rd runner cant run even if their lives depended on it. MY GOODNESS.

They were pathetic, no offense. Look like he was jogging.

I was waiting for them to pass me the baton while the other teams started running.

One was even half way there. lol


My family was there supporting me too. Hahah.

But overall a fun day larh.

I'll strive to get a gold. At least one. Next year.


Watched Benjamin Button today. 3 Hours. But its a really really touching and meaningful story.