Kawad kawad

For the first time in my life I won something. Holy crap.

Yeap. Thats right.

St. John kawad we won! wooot!


We've been training intensively and our efforts paid off.

Under the rain or shine. Thunder and lightning. We did our kawad until we had blisters all over.

We won. But the best doesnt lie in the victory.

Doesnt lie in the amount of effort spent.

Doesnt lie in how much we spent on this thing.

It was the look of those guys from Kepong who made it all worthwhile.

Yeah bitches. Karma just bit you right back in the arse.

Well. You wanna know why?

Well. When they came. Omg they faces were so lansi weih. Like they were looking down upon us. Tsk tsk.

And then when we were kawading Kiren heard them saying If we dont know how to hentak dont hentak.

I'm like what the eff is their problem lar.

Okay. So we did do some mistakes right? And then they were like "Ohh ohh" That kinda tone u know.

Damn membengangkan weih.

But I tell you. Our formations are awesome. Gotta hand it to Lai lar. He deserves our respect.

So anyways. Our turn was up. I heard that we did quite well lar.

They were up next. Kepong lar.

At first their marching was like the Chinese army. Awesome lar.

Then I was like. Come on guys. After their formation. We just cheer for them. Have abit of sportsmanship. Cause this is something they clearly lacked.


Alrite. So they started doing mistakes at the hentakkan. (Karma, bitch.)

They're formations was kinda cool. But they did shitloads of mistakes lar. Damn obvious ones too.

Well. We still clapped.

Then it was the girls turn up. They were awesome. Thanks to Fabi and Liz for their formasi. Was good weih.

And then suddenly Taman Keramat was up. They had ladam?(Those metal things like horseshoes)

I was like. What the crap lar? Cause normally Non Government Organizations cant have ladams. I was kinda bengang with that too.

Okay. Fast Forward.


They were announcing the results ryte. And then the pengetua was like smth smth perpaduan kaum.

I almost laughed. Cause WE were the only mixed team. The rest was either all chinese. Or all malay. damn funny.

To our surprise we won. Freaking awesome weih! The Girls team got 3rd.

I tell you the judges was biased buggers. =(

Yeah. So the other teams did their shouts ryte? And Kepong did the pengakap one. LOL.

So we did ours. Damn cekap. Ahahhaha. Melawati!

then we had a song too.

Chapati, Roti Canai
Pergi minum cecah susu,
Mari ramai ramai,
Melawati No. 1!

ahahahah. Kiren Thomas did that. Awesome.

Then on the way back we were singing Singh is King! Singh is King! So funny. We made Shahruk do the Bangla dance. Ahahaha. Damn semangated.

We carried Khai Chun too. To the Kepong guys dismay.

In your face. Ahahahah!

It was our first victory. So far.

Of to State! woot!


24th of March..

24th of March. My birthday.

"Gonna be like every other day." I thought with a sigh.

Thanks for all the wishes and hugs. ♥ You guys for that.

Today was a cold wet day. Even more so after all that sweat from kawad. Whether was great though.

After school. Mum was like saying why I didnt have plans. I just gave a loud *sigh*

Was kinda sad the whole day larrh. I mean. It supposed to be my day.

Was texting Liz. She was like

"You'll be happy before midnight. I promise (:"

Little did I know that it had a new meaning all together.

I was soon to find out. :P

Yeah. So around like 5 ish, My mum was like. Go get ready we're going out.

I was like. How can we be going out when your cooking? @.@

I went to get ready lorh. Then after shower. Doing hair. and the usual stuff I was putting on my cologne ryte and then my mum shouted at me saying there was a candle that needed to be blown before it burned down the house at the veranda.

I was thinking. "How lar to burn down the house when its not made of wood?"

More confusion.

I just went down lar ryte.

Open the door.



I freaked out.

Like, I threw the deodarant from my hand and almost got a heart attack. I was like.

Holy SHIT!

My friends were all there holding up cupcakes with candle in it.


with little adidas logos. Oemgeeeee! So touching weih. I almost cried sia. ._.

yeah. They all laughed at my obliviousness the whole day.

It was part of the plan to make me feel sad only to be overwhelmed with joy later.

I blew out all the candles. And got hugged from em. 'Aww' moment.

And it was a time when all the Alt. Zebras got together for a reunion. Kononnye lar.

Then Liz was like. "Told you you'll be happy before midnight ;)"

Hahahha. Awesome moment.

I got loads of gifts! And had loads of fun. Camwhoring and eating. And guitar hero!

It was so funny!

After minor setbacks we manage to get the bloody guitar hero thing working.

Fabi and Sherlie were awesome "Michael Jackson's" xD

Sherlie lost her voice the next day LOL.

Oh and How and Sop was soooo freaking sweet weih.

Even my Mum said that they were cute together. =P

Though I must admit I am jealous.. xD

Anywaaaaaysss, Here are some of the gifts I got. =D

Awesome stuffs! I love it alot! =D

and btw. That Gibson Les Paul is just a lighter. :P

Thanks for making my birthday this one a memorable one guys. =)

Means alot to me. =)
The things I learnt on what to do on one's birthday.

1. Don't sleep before 12. Because loads of HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages will come in. I had 11 smth at 12 ish. I slept at 11.46pm I was sleepy! SORRY MEI!

2. Do have credit the eve of your birthday to reply the Thank You messages. ^^

3. Expect to be beaten up macha style if there is school the next day after your friends finish singing Happy Birthday in front of everyone.

4. Expect to answer "I'm not sure if theres a party but I am gonna plan one soon. I'll remember to invite you" ALOT.

5. Parents will play dumb and forget your birthday so dont be discouraged! They're just gonna surprise you with either something you really really want. Or NOTHING AT ALL. D:

Thats about it. Hahaha.

Thanks to all the people who wished me today.

Love you guys! ♥


Happy birthday Justin! I'm officially 16. Oh eff I'm getting old. But I'm only 16 for a day. So gonna enjoy it. hahah

Take it to the Next Level

NexGen's Take It Next Level was aweeeeesome!!

Friday and Saturday. PURE AWESOMENESS!

Jesus rocks!!1!11!



Yeah. So this music workshop was great! Hahaha It was so aweeesome! I said that 3 times already. Hahah. Did I mention awesome?!

See see. I took Drama and Worship leading as my electives and Guitar 1 and Vocals 1 & 2 for the main subjects.

First day we did drama. Was really funny! hahahah.

There was this thing called walks of smth. We had to act being a baby,drunkard,old person, and a model.

Hahaha I started rollin around as a baby and started screaming and hitting Eugene. Ahahah! sorry cicakman!

And then u know. It was time for us to be the drunkards. Our group was so funny. Jonathan Lum, Eugene, Joshua Peh, and the rest. I can say we were really REALLY good actors xD Going left and right.. and in the end falling down Hahhaa

True drunkards indeed. Hehehe

Ohh and Pastor Ong asked anyone to volunteer. I raised my hand. But didnt know what was gonna come. lol.

Pastor picked Boon Aun,Steffi and Denzil too.

We had to catwalk! As models. LOL

Yeah. Steffi did this sexy modelish walk. While the guys, apparently, Did really really gay walks. Including me. It reminds me of Ashley Tisdale. My ass was swinging everywhere. Crap.


Then we had this drama. Apparently we had to portray a different character in an elevator that broke down and act it out. There was the Jock, Male Chauvinist, Class Brain, Snob and Bully.

I was the nerd. Along with Joshua Peh and CJ.

We did something really dumb. We tucked in our shirts. Pulled it up way high. That was like. Apek. Seriously. I didnt have glasses so I compensated with pulling my socks ALL THE WAY up. I tell you. It wasnt pretty.

Our drama was pretty good. Jessica was bloody hell convincing. I almost believed she was pissed at me. Andre too. He pushed me. hahaha. And Angelina and "Li Min"(:P) Was really getting into character as the snobs. As for the rest. Really really great job! ^^

So after that, we had pastor talk about how drama is a medium of art to connect with God. Or something like that.

Yeah yeah! Then I did this Electric Guitar Level 1 lesson with Benji. Was great! Hahaha. Thanks Ben!

Ended the day. Really really tired.

Well one more day the next day. Hahah


Brought my guitar again today. Was thinking of taking Electric Guitar Level 2 today.

But. Took Vocals 2 instead. Like Choir. I think it made Cheryl nostalgic about Melawati's Choir heheh.

Well. We started of with rocking praise and worship! Then we watched Hillsongs's Live performance. IT WAS GOOD. though I was kinda sleepy.

CJ, Andre and I were talking about this guy whose name was kinda weird. Fong Something Mountain. Direct Chinese Translation HAhahahha!.

Then I went for worship leading workshop. Very fun! Amelia was good at telling us about is. And we threw Jeremy into the toilet. Well, John James and Boon Hoe did it I think. Hahaha.

I love you too Amelia! Ahahaha

Then we went to lunch. Had sirap limau again.

Weird. I think I have this obsession with sirap limau.

Bought Yi En and Joanne that sour apple ice cream. The RM1.20 one. Its chunted I tell you!

You should have seen Yi En's reaction when she was eating it. Was really cute hahahah!. Like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Yeah I know, I have brilliant taste. :P Heheh joke.

Then when we went back. We had this Vocals thing. Was fun!
It was really like choir.

Then we had a jamming session. really spontaneous one. Damn funny. We had no bassist. No anything. In the end we just went with faith. Faith prevailed! We manage to it with 6 backup singers! LOL. It was really funny!

WE rock!

I tell you. The whole thing was great! The presence of God really touched me. I wanna go again!

I'm gonna end this with a quote.

-Don't let what people think of you stop you from having a good time-
-Jason Mraz-

Truly indeed. ^^


Heres a short update. Since Angelina just gave me the idea of blogging.

Okay. The above image is where most people go to here in KL. As a lepak place. As a wifi hotzone.

Yes, Starbucks. That infamous green-girl-with-hair-covering-boobs logo. Yes. Starbucks.

But seriously. Does anyone actually drink Starbucks because of the coffee?

IMO there isnt anything really special about it. Besides being overpriced.

I mean yeah. There's that green tea and frappuchino and such ryte?

But really? Do people ACTUALLY go there and pay 3 hours worth of McDonald's pay to get a cup of joe?

or is it cause of that iconic green logo?

Yeah. We live in a era of status crazy people. Yups.

But I cant deny that starbucks make nice drinks. And that I'm a fan of it.

But yeah. Its the Truth. People are like this sometimes. Anything for social status.


Time to wake up and smell the coffee (Literally)


Happy birthday Denise! ^^

Yesterday was Denise's birthday. Was held at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC.

Happy sweet 16 Denise!

I was really great. We had loads of fun. took 260+ Pictures. lol

I hope she enjoyed herself. ^^ Heheh. But definitely a day to remember. ^^



Random Ramblings.

Theres 3 things I wanna do now.

1. Go to Japan
2. Date a Japanese.
3. Stay there.



I remember watching this episode once. Love the song. Ahahahahah!

I had an accident.

Not an accident per say.

but something really stupid


I feel so effing dumb.

Well. I can barely twist my right wrist now. Damn, its tough typing.

Its tough when u have to do everything with ur left hand. Sigh.

Doc's said wasn't anything serious. Hairline fracture.

I feel that my bones are dislocated.

Almost feel like laughing.

Ouch. This sucks.

Paintball ^^

I got a call at around 8.48am on Saturday.

It was from Jonat.

"Dey! They all wearing Proto pants!"

I went "Yes ar. Okay. I bring my whole set."


We had this rookie tournament. We went. Full of hope. But we got 4th. =(

Our line up was

Syamil - MY NPL Div 3 player
Dickson - MY NPL Div 3 player
How YY - Rookie
Jonat - Rookie
Justin - MY NPL Div 3 player

Julian subbed Dickson because he got shot. Repeatedly. Twice on the neck. One on the cranium. Ouch!

This Guy. is the infamous Dickson aka Dixie

Is was really fun. Great to see Syamil after months.

Jonat and How. Good job! ^^

Our teamwork was quite good ^^ But we still have to train alot lar. But heres a start.

I suggest to however havent tried paintball to try it!

Call me! We can play together ^^