Take it to the Next Level

NexGen's Take It Next Level was aweeeeesome!!

Friday and Saturday. PURE AWESOMENESS!

Jesus rocks!!1!11!



Yeah. So this music workshop was great! Hahaha It was so aweeesome! I said that 3 times already. Hahah. Did I mention awesome?!

See see. I took Drama and Worship leading as my electives and Guitar 1 and Vocals 1 & 2 for the main subjects.

First day we did drama. Was really funny! hahahah.

There was this thing called walks of smth. We had to act being a baby,drunkard,old person, and a model.

Hahaha I started rollin around as a baby and started screaming and hitting Eugene. Ahahah! sorry cicakman!

And then u know. It was time for us to be the drunkards. Our group was so funny. Jonathan Lum, Eugene, Joshua Peh, and the rest. I can say we were really REALLY good actors xD Going left and right.. and in the end falling down Hahhaa

True drunkards indeed. Hehehe

Ohh and Pastor Ong asked anyone to volunteer. I raised my hand. But didnt know what was gonna come. lol.

Pastor picked Boon Aun,Steffi and Denzil too.

We had to catwalk! As models. LOL

Yeah. Steffi did this sexy modelish walk. While the guys, apparently, Did really really gay walks. Including me. It reminds me of Ashley Tisdale. My ass was swinging everywhere. Crap.


Then we had this drama. Apparently we had to portray a different character in an elevator that broke down and act it out. There was the Jock, Male Chauvinist, Class Brain, Snob and Bully.

I was the nerd. Along with Joshua Peh and CJ.

We did something really dumb. We tucked in our shirts. Pulled it up way high. That was like. Apek. Seriously. I didnt have glasses so I compensated with pulling my socks ALL THE WAY up. I tell you. It wasnt pretty.

Our drama was pretty good. Jessica was bloody hell convincing. I almost believed she was pissed at me. Andre too. He pushed me. hahaha. And Angelina and "Li Min"(:P) Was really getting into character as the snobs. As for the rest. Really really great job! ^^

So after that, we had pastor talk about how drama is a medium of art to connect with God. Or something like that.

Yeah yeah! Then I did this Electric Guitar Level 1 lesson with Benji. Was great! Hahaha. Thanks Ben!

Ended the day. Really really tired.

Well one more day the next day. Hahah


Brought my guitar again today. Was thinking of taking Electric Guitar Level 2 today.

But. Took Vocals 2 instead. Like Choir. I think it made Cheryl nostalgic about Melawati's Choir heheh.

Well. We started of with rocking praise and worship! Then we watched Hillsongs's Live performance. IT WAS GOOD. though I was kinda sleepy.

CJ, Andre and I were talking about this guy whose name was kinda weird. Fong Something Mountain. Direct Chinese Translation HAhahahha!.

Then I went for worship leading workshop. Very fun! Amelia was good at telling us about is. And we threw Jeremy into the toilet. Well, John James and Boon Hoe did it I think. Hahaha.

I love you too Amelia! Ahahaha

Then we went to lunch. Had sirap limau again.

Weird. I think I have this obsession with sirap limau.

Bought Yi En and Joanne that sour apple ice cream. The RM1.20 one. Its chunted I tell you!

You should have seen Yi En's reaction when she was eating it. Was really cute hahahah!. Like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Yeah I know, I have brilliant taste. :P Heheh joke.

Then when we went back. We had this Vocals thing. Was fun!
It was really like choir.

Then we had a jamming session. really spontaneous one. Damn funny. We had no bassist. No anything. In the end we just went with faith. Faith prevailed! We manage to it with 6 backup singers! LOL. It was really funny!

WE rock!

I tell you. The whole thing was great! The presence of God really touched me. I wanna go again!

I'm gonna end this with a quote.

-Don't let what people think of you stop you from having a good time-
-Jason Mraz-

Truly indeed. ^^