Heres a short update. Since Angelina just gave me the idea of blogging.

Okay. The above image is where most people go to here in KL. As a lepak place. As a wifi hotzone.

Yes, Starbucks. That infamous green-girl-with-hair-covering-boobs logo. Yes. Starbucks.

But seriously. Does anyone actually drink Starbucks because of the coffee?

IMO there isnt anything really special about it. Besides being overpriced.

I mean yeah. There's that green tea and frappuchino and such ryte?

But really? Do people ACTUALLY go there and pay 3 hours worth of McDonald's pay to get a cup of joe?

or is it cause of that iconic green logo?

Yeah. We live in a era of status crazy people. Yups.

But I cant deny that starbucks make nice drinks. And that I'm a fan of it.

But yeah. Its the Truth. People are like this sometimes. Anything for social status.


Time to wake up and smell the coffee (Literally)