The things I learnt on what to do on one's birthday.

1. Don't sleep before 12. Because loads of HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages will come in. I had 11 smth at 12 ish. I slept at 11.46pm I was sleepy! SORRY MEI!

2. Do have credit the eve of your birthday to reply the Thank You messages. ^^

3. Expect to be beaten up macha style if there is school the next day after your friends finish singing Happy Birthday in front of everyone.

4. Expect to answer "I'm not sure if theres a party but I am gonna plan one soon. I'll remember to invite you" ALOT.

5. Parents will play dumb and forget your birthday so dont be discouraged! They're just gonna surprise you with either something you really really want. Or NOTHING AT ALL. D:

Thats about it. Hahaha.

Thanks to all the people who wished me today.

Love you guys! ♥


Happy birthday Justin! I'm officially 16. Oh eff I'm getting old. But I'm only 16 for a day. So gonna enjoy it. hahah