Kawad kawad

For the first time in my life I won something. Holy crap.

Yeap. Thats right.

St. John kawad we won! wooot!


We've been training intensively and our efforts paid off.

Under the rain or shine. Thunder and lightning. We did our kawad until we had blisters all over.

We won. But the best doesnt lie in the victory.

Doesnt lie in the amount of effort spent.

Doesnt lie in how much we spent on this thing.

It was the look of those guys from Kepong who made it all worthwhile.

Yeah bitches. Karma just bit you right back in the arse.

Well. You wanna know why?

Well. When they came. Omg they faces were so lansi weih. Like they were looking down upon us. Tsk tsk.

And then when we were kawading Kiren heard them saying If we dont know how to hentak dont hentak.

I'm like what the eff is their problem lar.

Okay. So we did do some mistakes right? And then they were like "Ohh ohh" That kinda tone u know.

Damn membengangkan weih.

But I tell you. Our formations are awesome. Gotta hand it to Lai lar. He deserves our respect.

So anyways. Our turn was up. I heard that we did quite well lar.

They were up next. Kepong lar.

At first their marching was like the Chinese army. Awesome lar.

Then I was like. Come on guys. After their formation. We just cheer for them. Have abit of sportsmanship. Cause this is something they clearly lacked.


Alrite. So they started doing mistakes at the hentakkan. (Karma, bitch.)

They're formations was kinda cool. But they did shitloads of mistakes lar. Damn obvious ones too.

Well. We still clapped.

Then it was the girls turn up. They were awesome. Thanks to Fabi and Liz for their formasi. Was good weih.

And then suddenly Taman Keramat was up. They had ladam?(Those metal things like horseshoes)

I was like. What the crap lar? Cause normally Non Government Organizations cant have ladams. I was kinda bengang with that too.

Okay. Fast Forward.


They were announcing the results ryte. And then the pengetua was like smth smth perpaduan kaum.

I almost laughed. Cause WE were the only mixed team. The rest was either all chinese. Or all malay. damn funny.

To our surprise we won. Freaking awesome weih! The Girls team got 3rd.

I tell you the judges was biased buggers. =(

Yeah. So the other teams did their shouts ryte? And Kepong did the pengakap one. LOL.

So we did ours. Damn cekap. Ahahhaha. Melawati!

then we had a song too.

Chapati, Roti Canai
Pergi minum cecah susu,
Mari ramai ramai,
Melawati No. 1!

ahahahah. Kiren Thomas did that. Awesome.

Then on the way back we were singing Singh is King! Singh is King! So funny. We made Shahruk do the Bangla dance. Ahahaha. Damn semangated.

We carried Khai Chun too. To the Kepong guys dismay.

In your face. Ahahahah!

It was our first victory. So far.

Of to State! woot!