Top 10 things that are hot in a girl.

Here's my top 10 I guess. Its purely my own opinion and for the fun of it! And no, I'm not some judgmental perfectionist. I'm a guy

10. Girls who can dance

Girls who can dance are so hot. The way they move their body to the beat. Super hot.

9. Girls with brown hair.

I don't know why but I'd always like girls with brownish hair. Not the really hazel brown more to that dark chocolate brown.

8. Girls who plays along to the stupid random things you do.

You say something like a lyric from a song and instead of acting all oblivious to it, continues it. I think its really sweet and cute or when you say something totally out of context and she plays along.

7. Girls who are mixed.

I think this is really on everyone's list but I personally liked mixed girls. Preferably something with Chinese/Korean/Japanese. I always wanted to dance a hot French/Korean girl. omgosh.

6. Understand what "sarcasm" and has a sense of humor.

Picture this scenario.

Girl: Eh I damn fat dy la.
Me: Yeah. Your so fat, seriously.
Me: ... I was sarcastic
Girl: *emos, walks away*

Happens to some of us. Well, some people don't know the difference between seriously and seriously.

5. Girls who can pull of the shorts and tank top look. (read- SNSD)

Slim legs and boobs. Need I say more?

4. Girls who are confident yet humble.

Its the type of girl who will talk to you and hang out with you without having that ego thinking that shes so great that everyone loves her or something. Its that she has the confidence and knows what she wants but includes you it. Its a personality thing I guess. Maybe that's why I like those girl next door types.

3. Girls who aren't ashamed that she's in a relationship.

Isn't it annoying when a girl wants to keep the relationship a secret? If your relationship's supposed to be a secret you shouldn't be in it.

2. Girls who play the guitar and sing.

They don't need to possess Orianthi-like skills but just to be able to pickup a guitar and sing along to it are really really awesome.

1. Girls who'd understand.

I think one of the most wanted traits in a girl is credibility. Lets face it, we've(most. If not, soon.) been fucked around by some girl in some point in our life and it probably took us awhile to trust other girls (Probably why guys tend to stick to their guy friends more often) let alone start another relationship.

I think what every guy wants is for that girl to understand and accept him for the guy he is and not change him into something she wants. He should already be the guy she wants. Somewhere out there, there's some girl who'd just ♥ you for you. :)


PLKN Anxiety

"Weih you kena NS ar?"
"Joe I damn tension now weih! I just sent the sms. Waiting now." .

I was rather unaware at first that we could already check the results of the dreaded Khidmat Negara. Infamously (or rather affectionately) called NS, or the place that guys go to get their head shaved.

Mei was persuading me to check and eventually Arjun help send a text for me. He told me he'd tell me in the morning but the reply never came.

I thought the night before was bad but I had no idea it was so bad when I came to school. An air of anxiety filled the atmosphere where everyone was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 9am to send in the requests. Some sent it the day before and the rest of us, me included, were just patiently waiting. Did I mention it was tensed as hell?

As it was seconds away from 9 students across the Form 5 class were already tensed as hell. Then the messages were sent. Some replies were instant. Some were long. Mine took 3 attempts and a few hours and every second felt long. I was anxious as hell.

As the results came in there was some surprise. People who you could not really imagine getting it got it. Denise, Elsie, Liz, Lemuel, Ghavi, Aiman and many more. Though there was even more who didn't get it. Trust me, most of those that got it was in distraught!

Cynthia was particularly funny since she literally screamed when she got the results. If you've heard her scream before you'd know it ain't pretty. She didn't get it of cause.

Julian and Jon got their results the day before and was ironically chosen for PLKN. Jon was rather okay with it while Ju was in denial. He was so against the idea! So much for muscles. :)

For me? Well,

RM0.20 PLKN: Maaf! 930324****** anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011. Terima kasih!

It still wouldn't be the same without everyone. But I guess that ain't all that bad!


Prom babeh!

I know its kinda early to talk about this but I think that its been on every 5th Formers mind since the beginning of the year. Well, there's 3 things that we 17 year olds talk the most this year. Prom, Driving, and Life post form 5. I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT PROM!

Prom. I can't wait! Its on the 21st of December.

The guys and I are already taking about our epic plans on that night. How we would drive our dates to the hotel. Wearing our tuxedos. And a night in town after that. Its gonna be amazing. Its what every 17 year old dreams off.

But pre-Prom would mean finding dates. Renting tuxedos. Begging parents for their cars. Getting money for the tickets. Going to the hairstylist. I think the whole process sounds appealing!

Everyone's gonna be at their best dressed on that day! And guess what? Fabs and I are gonna be hosting the awards show! (Does this mean I don't get awards?) Its gonna be amazing!

Right about now, girls are hoping their guys would ask her to prom. Guys would be deciding who their gonna bring. Who I'm gonna bring? Hahah lets all just wait and see!

Its gonna be a bittersweet thing cause it would probably be one of the last times we see everyone (don't count results day). One last night of partying before we go our separate paths that live takes us. I hope everyone puts in effort on keeping touch. I really don't want the relationship we built all this years to just come crumbling down. :)



I'm supposed to be studying but instead I think I've been to more events this year than last year. I'm so flunking SPM. Touchwood.

Well, the latest being CheerCom2010. Not to mention Assunta's IU, ARGS's IU, SJI/CBN's IU.

So gonna make a quick update here.

It was my first time going for Cheer. Thanks for inviting me Elicia! Though I had no idea that everyone else was wearing black. HAHA

It was a super tiring day for me since I had church in the morning. I drove to Batu caves for church. Then I proceeded to drive to Ampang to pick up Mei, who we will refer to her lesbian name as LB, Elle Tannie and John Mayer loving, May.

I was waiting for outside the car. I leaned on the car grasping my keys while folding arms. When they came I just did that arrogant "Hey." OMG I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT! Even though when someone does it it kinda makes me annoyed.

Anyway, Drove to Bukit Jalil while fidgeting with the iPod. No thanks to Tannie. Reached the place without killing anyone and manage to park.. somewhat okay. We had to go our seperate ways. Well, Mei was too busy with her. *ahem

So it was just May and me stalking faggoty Kepong guys doing cheers. Epic fail. But there was something that really caught my eye.



Anyway, back to reality. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere around the stadium. It was kinda like the World Cup! With all the screaming and the shouting. Not forgetting the drums!

All in all, I had a really good time there. Even though the team I supported, Stompers, didn't win I think that it was still great!

I met up with Annie too! :)

(You weren't that tall la. :P)


Assunta's IU

None from St. Johns though. I didn't bring my camera that day.


World Cup is over!

Well, World Cup is finally over so that means no more waking up at 2.30 to watch football. No more betting with teachers for Oreos. No more "YOU KNOW WHEN -insert name here- SCORED? DAMN FAKE MAN" moments.

Moments into the match hoping Holland would win. I mean, if you could run as fast as Robben (Who coincidentally looks like Zidane) how could you NOT win right? But alast, the stupid Paul the gonna-be-sushi octopus was right again. Spain won.

Oh well. It was a good run. Till 2014, whereby hopefully I'd be in Brazil. Getting laid..I mean football.

The second shot was just a random shot. Looks good though.


Sometimes. Its the little things that count

I haven't really talked to you for awhile. I did remember us talking on new years and how you said you were going out on the first day I had school. But what you did was really sweet.

I was quite surprised when you said you wanted the sweaters we were making. Since it was kinda for our school. I asked why and you said

"Its for your school prom right?" and you told me that you never went for yours and its my last year and we should have fun. It really meant a lot to me.

So if your reading this, Just wanted to say thanks, Su Munn. :)

Class of '10 Epic Camwhore session V1

My take on HDR.

What happens when you add one Camera + A classroom full of camwhoring sociopaths (read- Aiman, Lynn, Eli, Me) - teachers = One awesome day filled with hanging out, taking pictures and uber vainness.

Welcome to my class ladies and gentlemen, Class of 2010. 5Nekad.

Above. If sarcasm had a face this would be it

Above. Aiman taking "In your face" quite literally

Love this pic above.

Nothing beats genuine smiles.


Class of 2010