Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Sorry it was late. Been busy. I hate organizing stuffs.

Its been good these few days. My savings are close to getting me my Yamaha Pacifica! woots.

And as most of you guys know. The party cum open house cum house warming is tmrw.

If I didnt invite you guys. It might have slipped my mind or I dont know how to contact you or my house cant fit everyone. So sorry. Its nothing personal.

Hope to see most of you guys tomorrow.

Happy CNY!
Okay.. So I was bored. Dont be hating. :P

Russell's hair is super easy and nice to style. Turned alota heads today. Here are the pics! =)

Styled by Yours Truly. =P (Cheh wah.)


Went to New York New York Deli just nowand ordered something called the Ultra Velvet Hot Chocolate. I think? Cant really remember the name. Only that it said.

"Super Sinful"

I realized why..

It was freaking awesome!

I had half. and was full already. But it was really really hard not to finish it!

I had too. Eventually.

Mmmhh. Chocolate.. hmmmh.

I am Tired..

Today was a really fun day I think? I was really REALLY amazed by this one kid.

Well we had the Choir auditions in the afternoon right? So I was just observing. People came and went. Some were good. Some weren't really good. And every was shy.

Funny. When you see them coming into the room and forget the song they wanted to sing. Like me. :P

Well, There was this one kid. Who didn't know what to sing at first and asked Julian what he suggests?

Julian said Fall For You.

So he went in. And he said he wanted to sing. No one expected what happened next.

I swear to God. It was the most beautiful voice I have heard from a guy so young. It was AMAZING!

It was so good, Melissa almost teared. Nicholas and the rest was in shock and awe. And was shh-ing everyone so that they could hear him sing.

He was louder than the piano and whole room echoed with his voice. It sounded really high.
He's vocal range could well reach the Altos and Sopranos.

We found out later that he had a vocal coach. And won a singing competition or something.

When he finished singing. Everyone cheered for him. It was good.

Really. REALLY Good. Made me smile really.

Wish I could sing like him though. =/ Oh, well.


Anyways. I had my kawat (or kawad?) today. Tiring. But fun.

Its my 2nd year for st. john. Seems awesome. I guess we did well for our 1st day.

The new guys I mean. Hope we dont get second again like last year.

I dont know who got third. :P
External Harddrive isnt working..

Pendrives are missing..

I had no choice. I had no other options.

Had to do it..

At 10pm today. I reformatted.

With all my pictures.. all my music.. and my freaking games.


Yeah. So now I'm downloading EVERYTHING back. My iTunes. My Mozilla. My winrar.


Devastation at its best. I cant do anything but sit here and stare while this stupid streamyx connection of mine moves at a snail's pace.



You will LOL.

I was going through some old pictures. And I stumbled upon this thing.

I think it was called.

The things PMR does to you.

Told you you'll lol. Ahahah. Enjoy. ^^
I hate stupid form 4 and all those who enjoy it. Yeah. You guys were right.


Stupid headache is killing me right now. I dont wanna grow up if this is the shit I gotta go through.



Yeah. I didnt really say anything much about school since that 1st day thing.

Well, to sum everything up in one sentence..

Its a homework haven! Woot? Hell, no.

Its like they freaking conspire to drown us with homework. See, I emphasize on the word "try"

Anyways. Yeah. I'm staying home from school today cause I'm feeling shitty. And sick. And partly due to my unfinished add maths work. Crap.

Yeah. So heres the moral of the story. Never listen to your seniors when they say that Form4 is great.


Now, lets talk about school shall we?

First. Its helluva stressful. I mean. For the first time, I HAVE to think of what I want to become. Which is something I've yet to decide.

And all this talk about English, Science and Technology (YES, E S FREAKING T) is getting me all paranoid.

Who wouldn't when the teachers are all like "Even our top students could score." Indirectly telling us that were not capable of such feats.

Screw you.

UGH! I hate staying at home from school! Its all about medicine and sleeping. I told Elle yesterday that I wanted to get a nap. Guess what happened? I slept from 8 in the evening to 9 in the morning.


Well. Cant get worst than this.

..at least I hope not.

P.S I'm reconfiguring my codecs to sync the guitar hero session with my bro now. Will upload soon peeps.



I officially hate boxes now. Those little cube cardboard things are EVIL.

Or not?

I have made, and destroyed approximately 892 of


See! Its mocking my very attempts at publishing this. EVILLLL!

You couldnt possibly imagine how BORING it is to systematically assemble and/or disassemble this monstrosity known as

*Dramatic Music*

Dum Dum dummmmm~






Thanks Angelina for the edits! Kudos to you!

Hahaha. U made me do this.
Against my will! D:


New Layout. Like finally.

Was searching arnd blogskins and this turned up. Looks good. I like the others too but weren't complimenting my style and expression.

Hope you guys like this one. I do. =)

Beautiful Saviour

Very touching. One of my favorite songs.

Beautiful Saviour by PlanetShakers

My Fucktabulous First Day.

Fuck you SMK Taman Melawati.

Whose fucking idea was it to "systematically balance out races"

Yours. You prick.

I got my class. Hell yeah. WHERE THE F IS MY FRIENDS.

So we have Paul and Din in S. We have Arjun and Barath in E. Jon and Julian is with me in K. And where the F is the rest. L?? WTF.

Dude. We all fucking got 7As and 6As. wtf cant u put us together damnit.

Why cant u freakin have enough chairs and tables anyway. DIDNT U SAY U WOULD BUY NEW ONES?


Freakin depressed. I'm in such a screwed mood I have a fever.

Oh well. 1 day down. another 359 days of realizing the fact that I'm gonna be stuck here.



Okay. This was like last week. But I've been busy so here you go. This is what happened.

Everyone got excited with their results so we ended up playin paintball at KKlub near our school.

Attendees were
How Wai Wai

and me! =D


Arthur, Dick and half of Jud

The Paintball People

I'm somehow lemauing over this pic. hahah

From Left to right clockwise
Dick, J, Angel, Arthur, Jonjon, Small How, How Waiwai, Jud, Nabil and Kiren.

My team just before the breakout.
I look cool. LOL

Yes. wtf indeed. Arthur

Well. Its been a great experience to shoot your friends in the ass. And to wrap it all up.

In your face sucka! =D