Yeah. I didnt really say anything much about school since that 1st day thing.

Well, to sum everything up in one sentence..

Its a homework haven! Woot? Hell, no.

Its like they freaking conspire to drown us with homework. See, I emphasize on the word "try"

Anyways. Yeah. I'm staying home from school today cause I'm feeling shitty. And sick. And partly due to my unfinished add maths work. Crap.

Yeah. So heres the moral of the story. Never listen to your seniors when they say that Form4 is great.


Now, lets talk about school shall we?

First. Its helluva stressful. I mean. For the first time, I HAVE to think of what I want to become. Which is something I've yet to decide.

And all this talk about English, Science and Technology (YES, E S FREAKING T) is getting me all paranoid.

Who wouldn't when the teachers are all like "Even our top students could score." Indirectly telling us that were not capable of such feats.

Screw you.

UGH! I hate staying at home from school! Its all about medicine and sleeping. I told Elle yesterday that I wanted to get a nap. Guess what happened? I slept from 8 in the evening to 9 in the morning.


Well. Cant get worst than this.

..at least I hope not.

P.S I'm reconfiguring my codecs to sync the guitar hero session with my bro now. Will upload soon peeps.