Study plan. Failed. Again.

This guy.

Was supposed to go

Here to study.

Ended up doing that.
(see the title of book ;))
Plan failed. Again.

Updates soon yo :)

Good things come in small packages

Still think size matters?

A pimped out yellow mini cooper I saw on the road yesterday! Awesome, no?

It even had extra large wheels!



I think I need a makeover. Not to say I don't like how I am now but I think I'll try to experiment with some things. Clothes, hairstyle, colours, colognes.

I really wanna see what happens. The things I know I would NEVER look good in is hiphop. I just can't do overly baggy jeans and big shirts.

There are 3 things that I am very very insecure about. Voice, Height and my hair. I mean maybe I'm sensitive or what not but take whatever people say VERY seriously. But it sucks that I can't really change it. Cept' for the hair. Which I still think I look bad with short hair. or maybe my head's just shaped like a boulder. ):

What I'm trying to say is that I'm gonna start trying out different combination and contrasts. :D See how things work out!

Oh, and I realize that the whole "SPM Year" is really affecting my relationship with my homies. I mean, we haven't really been spending time with each other cause of this stupid year. But honestly, it would really make a difference since we don't even study.

I think the stress and anxiety is really making everyone think twice about anything fun! Which totally blows!

Holidays are coming guys! We should hang out! and shop. :P


St. Johns / CBN International Understanding Day

Yes, I do realize it is 1am in the morning already but I just can't help it! I'm really pumped now! Blame electronica. and hormones. Somethings wrong with me.

So anyway, purpose of the post is to talk about last weekend. As you might have already known, I went for the joint International Understanding Day organized by St. Johns and Convent Bukit Nanas (woot). It was at St. John's school.

I have to say, I was rather reluctant to go at first. But I eventually went anyway. I thank God I did. For the first time ever. There were more decent girls to look at than guys. That really made my day!

I went there and met up with Schanny who was my colleague last year when I was working for Disney. The last I saw him was at a party at his place last year. He has hair now! I also got to meet up with Julian Lee who I used to play futsal with. Felt good meeting up with them after so long.

Got my ticket and sat down but got restless. I realized that I had friends who were there (and there were people who were supposed to come *cough*Lynn*cough*). Guess who I met up with.

I met up with May! First time meeting her in real life. I couldnt recognize her at first but then I did. Eventually. HAHA. I met up with sharmaine and bumped into a few friends from sek. 5 and what not.

It really is a small world isn't it?

Moving on to the main events! Unfortunately. My lens decided to DIE on me. So I didn't bring my camera. I REGRETTED THAT OMGGGGG.

The first event was the chinese acrobats. I'm telling you. They were so freaking good. Okay, funny story, among I think around 6 or 7 of them there was this one who was the best looking one.

I was sitting in an area where it was like 90% girls (I swear it was empty before I sat there!) and ALL of them were staring at that one guy. So when that one guy went down from the stage to talk to the DJ EVERYONE was looking. I think the fact that he was like semi-naked most of them time helped.

Besides performing all those Newton-defying feats they did some kind of hat thing where they would juggle 3 hats or something. THAT WAS SO CUTE!

Anyway there were many other performances to come but they had to do a role call before that.

A role call is basically where the hosts will announce the name of the school that the attendees were from. So they did, Methodist Boy School, Seri Bintang Utara, Sekolah Aminuddin Baki, etc etc.

Wanna guess who was that ONE guy from SMK Taman Melawati that stood up in front of a crowd of around 700? yeah. Most epic moment of the day.

Gosh I love my school.

Moving on! Both my friends performed which were great. Schanny did a cover on Lifehouse's You and Me. And Julian did an MJ dance. Which was so damn cool.

I think the whole day was a really good experience. Which reminds me why I'm so damn pissed at Jamie for not letting use have Interact Club. But anyhow, I'm looking forward for both ARGS and SAB IU days which are in a few weeks! Can't wait!

Oh, and one more thing. Thanks for the company sabs. :)

and you bloody hell didnt wanna take a picture. ):


Its just the way I am.

"Some people are just meant to be friends."

.. but it all starts with the willingness to take a risk.

But sometimes, we're just happy with how things are. It really sucks when we're finally ready for something but things just don't go the way it is.

Life isn't fair. But its still good! (:

Note to self : Nespressos are AWESOME. ((((:

Its May yo!

Life's like a road that you travel on,
Your one day here and the next day gone.

Its May already! I can feel as if time's really slipping by! (Though time really does seem to slow down where there's a lesson going on.)

Sorry I haven't been blogging. My camera lens is really screwing with me lately. Gotta send it back to the shop for servicing. How sad. Heard Dev's having the same problem too.

So how's life? Well, I recently had (Thank you in advance for the pictures Gan)
St. Johns Leadership Camp '10


Metro Carnival '10

Both which were really awesome events that I had the opportunity to go for! Unfortunately, my camera's lens are screwing with me! I'm resulted to using the zoom lens nowadays. Not much luck. Since I like getting close and personal!

Anyway, nowadays everyone's so stressed out! With exams and stuff. Me too! The SPM stress is already creeping into my system and I realized my head's been in to high in the clouds lately! Its really true what my dad said about "laying the foundation for the future."

So I'm actually gonna start studying, and I mean it this time. Needs lot of effort to actually keep my restless butt one the chair!

Anyway, I think life's pretty good these days. Not much troubles and worries and what not. Its really nice to spend time and hang out with people you like being with. I think these are one of those teenager moments that would make us nostalgic in the future.

Things like going for lunch after class, making a ruckus and getting the teacher mad at us, making stupid videos and for me, personally, is always trying to not get caught with my obscenely long hair! Now that's fun. Ironically I'm a prefect. That's dicispline for you!

Well, I think that's that! I'll update soon with pictures hopefully!