Its May yo!

Life's like a road that you travel on,
Your one day here and the next day gone.

Its May already! I can feel as if time's really slipping by! (Though time really does seem to slow down where there's a lesson going on.)

Sorry I haven't been blogging. My camera lens is really screwing with me lately. Gotta send it back to the shop for servicing. How sad. Heard Dev's having the same problem too.

So how's life? Well, I recently had (Thank you in advance for the pictures Gan)
St. Johns Leadership Camp '10


Metro Carnival '10

Both which were really awesome events that I had the opportunity to go for! Unfortunately, my camera's lens are screwing with me! I'm resulted to using the zoom lens nowadays. Not much luck. Since I like getting close and personal!

Anyway, nowadays everyone's so stressed out! With exams and stuff. Me too! The SPM stress is already creeping into my system and I realized my head's been in to high in the clouds lately! Its really true what my dad said about "laying the foundation for the future."

So I'm actually gonna start studying, and I mean it this time. Needs lot of effort to actually keep my restless butt one the chair!

Anyway, I think life's pretty good these days. Not much troubles and worries and what not. Its really nice to spend time and hang out with people you like being with. I think these are one of those teenager moments that would make us nostalgic in the future.

Things like going for lunch after class, making a ruckus and getting the teacher mad at us, making stupid videos and for me, personally, is always trying to not get caught with my obscenely long hair! Now that's fun. Ironically I'm a prefect. That's dicispline for you!

Well, I think that's that! I'll update soon with pictures hopefully!