Monday Blues.

A week of sleeping late, waking up with a hangover, finishing Mass Effect 2 (OMGWTF Ending) and whole lot of totally unproductive things has finally come to an end.

Honestly, I'm not that bummed that holidays are coming to an end. I mean, its just been a week but I miss school. Even though I hate Mondays. Cause it brings back very bad memories. Like how Rohana cut my hair, Ganesh cut my hair, and one other account of getting my haircut.

Yeah, I got my hair cut 3 times last year. FML

So anyway, Q1 of the year is hectic as hell. I mean, its always like that I guess. St. Johns crap, Choir (which I have no idea whats going on now), School, and the like. But I do get to go for my shopping too. (:

I bought my white shirt! After ages of wanting to get it. So I finally brought my ang pao money to go and buy it.


And I really love it. cause someone said I look like super junior ^_^Thanks for Fabi for picking it! ♥

Ah as for other things going on in my life lately? Well, everything seems to be great. I don't have a girlfriend. Yes, so stop asking me. When (which is probably gonna take awhile) I do I'll post it up okay? Promise! ^^

Life goes on! Wish me luck for not getting my hair cut tmrw!


Pre Unplugged

Ah, pre Melawati Unplugged. Much fun we had!

Honestly, we don't exactly practice much but this time we actually did, well, until Russell came in with The Chocolate Cake which when all hell broke loose.

Anyway, I think practicing together and making music is a fun business. Builds bond you see. And there was like a jam towards the end of the session which was, as its always the case with Paul, was awesome.

Arjun and Julian did guitar.

Eric played bass.

Yours truly did Vocals.

I honestly and still believe, no matter what anyone says, that I have bad vocals. I know if you believe it then you are but sometimes I see people like Fabi or something that can do it so well. maybe I haven't found what I'm good at yet.

But for the rest. I think they're great!

Melawati Unplugged was great! Even though I was emofied like hell. There were issues. And our equipment are screwed up now. but its alrite! It was fun!

Enjoy the pictures on facebook! I'm the one with the controversial tshirt!


My hair. :D

So.. I went to school and for some reason I kept getting the "Hey! You cut your hair!"

And yeah. Of course I cut my hair. Its insanely short now isn't it? And my sideburns are nonexistent. Well, Until it grows back.

So yeah, the responses was a pretty mix bag. Some were like,

"What the f did you do to your hair!?"
"Ahhh you finally straighten your hair."
"Dude you look good! Waay better!"

Nahrend pissed me off since every sentence of his had something to do with my BIG forehead.

And Kaif's response was "Last time your hair not so bad. Now this is just retarded." or something like that. OUCH MAN.

But overall it wasn't that bad. I mean. Experimenting la. Plus I cant wait for my hair to grow longer. (: weee

More updates soon!

EDIT: Best response of the day was

.αиgει cαямεи♥. - says:

Ouch. lol

Genting. (:

I seriously hate curvy roads. It makes me get motion sickness. ):

Anyway, I went for a day trip recently to Genting with Sabrina. Which was so totally awesome.

She told me to meet up at her place at 8.30. Ended up leaving an hour later.

Ah I hate trips that involve lots of turns. Makes me very sick. Anyway, we stopped by on the way to Genting to grab some breakfast. It was still quite warm though. I can't believed I was so dumb though.

I ordered "Teh ping. Cold please."

The lady laughed at me.

Then only I realized. Sad. ping means ice la literally so its like teh ais. So yeah, go figure.

Anyway, we drove up all the way till the parking lot. Sab's dad is brilliant. He actually takes pictures of the surrounding near his car! That's so smart okay!

Alrite, then we walked to the ticket booth thing. Tried to get the kids ticket for sabs. Failed. Almost la okay. Almost.

The stupid caterpillar killed my self esteem. Period.

Anyway, it was around 5 years I haven't been here and nothing really changed. The spinning swing things were still here. Maybe thats how it looked back then?

Okay, so Sabs was walking damn fast okay. Well, she didnt have to lug around the bag. Which I so kindly offered to put the stuff inside. that included. :P

So the first ride of the day was the log fume thing. Which was.. wet?

Funny thing happened. We we're both in line and in front of us were these bunch of Indian guys who kept staring at Sabs boobs. Like. Seriously weih! damn obvious! and those other guys with their girlfriends (who aren't at all hot i might add.) stared at her too. Hypocrites.

Hahah those Indian guys waved when they were on the log thing! HAHAH!

Ah yes, camwhoring while on the ride. Its not OUR fault that the ride was talking ages..

..and this is what happens for those who wait.

Somehow the first fall was better than the second one. The Indian guys waved again!

Then we went to the corkscrew! Which a funny story happened 5 years ago. I waited in line for an hour plus and then just as I was about to reach. It started raining. They closed it. FML.

So yeah. Had to take it again this year!

And it was really fun! I felt as if my head was gonna pop of anytime. I KEPT DUCKING. Kinda like my mum when she goes under the tiang.

Anyway, we proceeded to the go carts thing. But yeah. ada hal skit. So skip :P

You know the ride where you get flung into the air and then pulled back towards the ground? That space shot thing?

Yeah we went on that! It was my first time so I was tensed as hell. And the line was freaking long. But eventually it was our turn! Oh my god it was so freaky okay! I actually screamed while closing my eyes as we descended!

But then it was over rather quickly and I realized that we were supposed to go another time but we didn't.

So, we took off the belts.

Then the guy came back and buckled it back again. Sabs was like "Whats going on!?"

And then off we went up again! LOL

So basically we we're on it 2 times in a row. SO FUN OKAY. :D

So then went to even more rides. The stupid boat thing was extremely long. I think the longest among all the rides! So we camwhored. Again. Ahahaha!

And I find this shot extremely adorable. ♥

Anyway, then I think we went for a few more rides before going home. Had marrybrowns. Which since I was so hungry, never tasted better.

Fell asleep on the way down. Got home. Really tired. But had tuition. Which I went.

Really fun day. (:




♥ you la Elle. :P

Sports Day 10'

First of all I would like to thank the various people whose pictures I will be using in this blogspot. Namely Gan and Farhan Aiman. Thanks much!

To yesterday was SMK Taman Melawati's annual Sport's Day. Which I always participate but never win unfortunately. I'm just not that great! And I didn't train.

But then Dakshan said that at least I could qualify and be a part of this thing. Thanks man.
I think the experience was invaluble anyway!

The thing about 100m sprint is during the start when the guy yell's "Ke Garisan, Sedia, Bang!" my heart literally pops out of my chest! Its probably the single most terrifying thing of the sport. To me that is.

Thanks to everyone who came! It made this year way more fun than last year!
And the Sun was scorching. Like literally burning my nuts off. I swear.
And I puked like, 3 times I think, and the teacher had to pick it up! I DIDN'T KNOW OMG

The 4 x 100m event was awesome really. I was running in the 2nd position. And it was a good run!

Anyway, I honestly think purple house did very good this year. The boys mainly. Roshan did well for the long distance runs and Amin did great for the sprints!
And everyone played a role this year! I still don't know what the final verdict but I hope its good!

And it was a really fun experience and my last time being on the field after 5 years of running. (: