I think I need a makeover. Not to say I don't like how I am now but I think I'll try to experiment with some things. Clothes, hairstyle, colours, colognes.

I really wanna see what happens. The things I know I would NEVER look good in is hiphop. I just can't do overly baggy jeans and big shirts.

There are 3 things that I am very very insecure about. Voice, Height and my hair. I mean maybe I'm sensitive or what not but take whatever people say VERY seriously. But it sucks that I can't really change it. Cept' for the hair. Which I still think I look bad with short hair. or maybe my head's just shaped like a boulder. ):

What I'm trying to say is that I'm gonna start trying out different combination and contrasts. :D See how things work out!

Oh, and I realize that the whole "SPM Year" is really affecting my relationship with my homies. I mean, we haven't really been spending time with each other cause of this stupid year. But honestly, it would really make a difference since we don't even study.

I think the stress and anxiety is really making everyone think twice about anything fun! Which totally blows!

Holidays are coming guys! We should hang out! and shop. :P