Time is running out.

Time is running out.

Just that I realize that it is. Just as I start enjoying my 16 year old life. Its coming to an end soon.

I look at my brother. And Anis, my neighbour, who are 10 and 8 respectively. They look so cute. They're both gonna grow up to be so hot.

This whole scenario is like Taylor's Mary's Song.

If they grow up as best friends, then eventually fall for each other. It'll be so awesome. ♥

Its like, super romantic if that happened.

I wish I had a childhood sweetheart too. Living next to me.

Then I thought. Why not start?

But reality struck and I realized. "Hey, a few more years I'll be old."

Like. Shit man. I dont wanna grow anymore. :(


School is awesome with the guitar.

We had the guitar again today! Was fun.

So heres the plan for tmrw. Jon and Cyn is gonna bring they're guitars for tuning. And we're gonna jam!

And probably work something out for our moral work. Berjoget anyone? >.<

I didnt know our siviks teacher could play. He was good. Very impressive fingerstyle.

I just got back anyway. From 3 hours of tuition. And dinner. Now I'm sleepy. As usual.

Was buying DVDs just now. Like, that place had shitloads of porn man. lol seriously. Porn.

Hahah. Now I'm home!.

And I am now addicted to Epik High. And Jpop. And I used to wonder why Su Munn was such a huge fan. Hahah

Epik High rocks. omg. :)

Justin Choy is Asian!

This is who I am. LIVE WITH IT.

I'm sensitive, jealous, envious, rude, ignorant, stubborn and downright insecure.

This is who I am.

Live with it.

Tired. School. Oh man.

Sorry for not blogging for ages. I had exams last week. Like it was uber tiring to wake up at 4am to study.

I'm still tired now. But I dont know. I feel like I wanna do something.

Oh. And I've been getting really depressed for some reason. I can't really put my finger on it.

Is it people. Or Me? I really don't know. And for once in my life. I don't really give a damn anymore.

Oh. And I'm currently addicted to downloading Jpop, Kpop and Cpop albums. :)

Which are awesome.

Bon Odori 09'

Edit. Here are just some of the pics. Checkout my facebook for the rest.

Those Days?

Thinking back to when I first saw you. You had the most beautiful hair and such a charming look to you that seemed to touch hearts everywhere you go. Yet, I never thought that you'll see me more than your average 17 year old.

But you did.

We got together. Felt like the best thing in my life, being together with you. Love knew no boundaries.

Time was going so fast. But t felt as if when we were together. The whole world just stopped. Everything didn't matter for the world was just You and Me.

Do you remember, that hill we would always go to? Where we would just sit by the tree and watch the sun set? It was our spot. Those days. There was nothing to worry about. We would just sit there. Well into the night, gazing upon the stars.

Do you remember the time, where there was this shooting star and you asked me to make a wish? And then persuaded me to tell you? I told you the wish would not come true if I told you.
And you were being so persistent? I miss those times.

And the time where we were on the beach under the stars? You kissed me and gently whispering in my ear.

I'll Always Love You.

It may not be much. But those words was etched in my mind till today.

Fast forward a few years.

I was there. Every day and night. Constantly worrying.

But you reassured me that you'll be alright. Yet, I knew what would happen. The doctors didn't want to tell me anything for I was very emotionally unstable at that time.

I expected the worst. But did you know that, you smiled all the way through? That kept my spirits up too.

I remembered. Just a few nights before your operation you gave me something.

A pendant.

It seemed. Oddly familiar. I realized. That it was the first gift I bought you.

You gave me a note with it and made me swear I wouldnt read it till after the operation. You said you wrote it a long time ago. And we'll read it over some ice cream. I smiled and said "Okay."

Then it was the day for your operation. I was on the way there but a freak accident happened on the road and I was late.

When I arrived the doctors said that they proceeded with the operation.

Seconds felt like minutes, Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like an eternity.

Eventually, 7 hours passed.

The words that were to be spoken broke my heart. It felt as if it just. Shattered.

"We couldn't save her. I'm sorry for your lost."

There was a pin drop silence in the room. Being unable to control the flow of tears that rolled down my cheeks I demanded

"Let me see her!"

There I stood. At her side. I held her hand and looked upon this heaven sent gift from heaven. I looked at her. And tears kept pouring out. I couldn't believe. I have lost the one thing that kept me going.

I gave a gentle peck on the lips and said, with uncontrollable emotions.

"I Love You, and.. Goodbye."

They proceeded to pull a white cloth over her. I left. Overwhelmed with such grief and sorrow.

I wanted so badly to just to be with her. I remembered. There was a note that she gave with the pendant.

It read.

Because you are reading this, I assume that I can no longer be by your side. I knew the outcome of this from the beginning. I didn't want to make you worry. There are so many things that I wanted to do with you. But now, I cant.

I can't be by your side on your wedding day. I can't be there when we raise our kids. I can't be there to grow old together. And there are so much more.

But don't worry.

Love isn't about counting the years. Its about making the years count.

And every moment I was with you felt like I was on top of the world. Everyday, my feelings grew bigger and bigger.

Do you remember that shooting star? You weren't the only one that wished for something. I did too.

I wish to always be with you. Always to love you. And never leave your side.

I might not be here with you physically. But I am always there right in your heart. I will live on in your thoughts and memories. The times we were together, were the sweetest memory of all.

I wish I could write more. But my heart is frail. This pain is too much for me to bear. The biggest fear I have is losing you. But I know. This is my fate.

I have to go now.

You know. That I'll always love you. And I know you will too.


The letter ended with a picture of us together on our first date.

Tears just flowed down my cheeks. I was so angry. I blamed God for being so unfair. He took away someone so close to me. And she didnt even deserve it.

Fast forward to the present.

I long for the strength to get through everyday. Even though its been years since her departing. Our memories never fade. I went on a few dates. But they never seem to change the fact that I Love Her and Her alone.

And that fact. Will never change.


Justin says : Hope you guys like my story. Sorry if theres any grammatical errors. :) Do comment. I would really appreciate it.

Guitar, Guitar and more Guitar.

School has become our sanctuary where we yield our guitars in all its glory.


Sometimes. I think my school is awesome. Cause like when we bring our guitars. Teachers don't really mind.

One teacher was even nice enough to comment on how nice mine was. Others was requesting songs from me and my friends. Yeah. Joshy, Arjun, Julian, Paul and over beloved manager cum photographer cum
occasional gay friend, Jonat Chua.

We rule.

Even though the only songs I can play is probably Hosanna and When You Say Nothing at All. I enjoy randomly strumming and teaching the stuff I know.

Like the anatomy of a guitar. :P

I would rather talk about the anatomy of something else but.. I'll save that for another day.

So here's what kinda pissed me off today. Well. We were supposed to have some rehearsal for a party in school. The organizers wanted to see us.

Well, my friends and I lugged around more than 60kg of hardware around the school. Yeah, That includes 3 amps, 2 Electrics, 1 Bass, 1 Acoustic and our school bags.

Like. Dude, thats screwed man.

well. We did it anyway. It was supposed to be at 2.30

I skipped my damn lunch for this crap okay. And guess what?


"Sorry, You cant use it. The teacher in charge is not here. Headmistress did not give the permission."

Strings and rows of expletives exploded and very colorful vocabulary was spurted out.

Like. Gosh, was I pissed.

Well. Paul had to lug his drum kit back to his place. BY FOOT.

Arjun went home out of utter disappointment.

The rest of us who were still there went to Lai's place.

After a few hours of intense basketball training and fast forwarding a few more hours.

Here I am. Sitting here. Picking the right time to ask my mum for permission to go for Bon Odori.

Well. I'm just gonna list what I want to accomplish.

- Learn to do a Rubiks
- Do my Photography assignment
- Learn a new composition for the guitar
- Dance with a group of people. Cause I really miss dancing.
- Write a story about a guy and a girl
- Practice for upcoming gigs
- Change my blog layout
- Do something crazy with friends.
- Go for paintball
- Pass my Add Maths.
- Serve! :)
- Prove that I'm not just a book of empty pages.
- Somebody to actually care that I'm doing this.



Ice Age 3! :D We went out!

I went out! Finally!With these budak2. :P Hahah! Told you I'll upload xD

So yeah. MJ at 11+pm was like

"Hey, You want go out tmrw? My friends ffk la T_T"

Hahah yeah. And when we tried inviting William. He was blur as hell.

MJ's ghost? LOL.

Anyway. Made it to KLCC first and then walked to Pavilion.

And then. Retarded pictures. LOL. Yes. I'm uploading! =P

I look like a douchebag omg. T_T

MJ was looking all over for her oh-so-sought-after Rubiks Cube. Hahah.

Anyways. Got the movie tickets for Ice Age 3. Free tickets! :P wait.. WILLIAM DIDN'T PAY ME D:

Have you ever looked up in pavi? Architecture work is just

Oh. Then the funny thing happened.

See I called Will ryte.

J: Where you now? Come to the main entrance. The one with the giant SALE sign.

I am at the main entrance. It says. Philharmonic Orchestra. Where you? I see a fountain.


So where you?

... Stay there.

Hahha so MJ and I had to go all the way back from Pavi to KLCC to get him. So funny lol.

Okay after some mindless window shopping and rubiks cube searching we had lunch at Pastamania.

And MJ apparently is on some uber strict must-lose-2-kg diet. She was being all
organic. lol.

Well, Nothing stopping us guys. We ordered pizza!

And and. We spammed it with..


Chaos ensured.

P.S Spot the Daniel Wu lookalike in green behind Will!

HAHA. Tobasco is
ADDICTIVE. Its like inhaling something really strong. Rofl. It was really hilarious how our faces got damn red and started tearing.

Ice Lemon Tea could not have saved us!

Hahah. We rushed to the movies. Ice Age was super adorable.

*Music that sounds like Sway plays in the background*

Hahah then we walked arnd somemore.

Somehow we ended up in Time Square. Where MJ got her cube. And was uberly happy about it.

Hahah. One day I shall learn how to do that.

Oh, and somehow we all ended up in my place. For Left 4 Dead. :D Awesomeness

Great day it was. :)

A message for Mei.

For the 382nd time.. You are NOT fat. Seriously! you just have a..erm.. -insert word here- ass. :P


Just make up your mind.

Sometimes I dont freaking understand our INSERT WORD HERE government.

No, seriously. They can't make up their minds.

Recent news is that they want to revert back to "mother tongues".

Noticed they used the word mother tongue? I mean come on. What is the freaking point?

They claim that the reason for this is that the teachers can't speak English well and some other crap.

I mean. You want to fix a problem? Fix the way it is presented. Not change the whole God damned system.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition Leader has called on the scrapping of teaching Mathematics and Science in English Language and use back Bahasa Melayu instead. He said “This issue has become a controversy for far too long. We consider this policy a betrayal towards Bahasa Melayu as our official language. But how we do it should be decided by educationists and with consideration towards the national education policy. This includes not forcing our children to pass English as a compulsory subject in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia as this will result in many students, especially in rural areas to fail,”

Taken from malaysiatoday.com

Do they not know globally important English has become? NO. I guess not.

Okay. I'm trying to be a racist or shit but seriously speaking. How far can Bahasa Melayu bring you?

Maybe somewhere?

Now compare that to English. Or Chinese for that matter.

The scale of difference is like comparing a kancil and a freakin Porsche.

The government has to stop thinking of the immediate problem think about the future. It is so unfair for those who, like my brother, are already half way through school studying in English.

The terminology in Science and Mathematics. The two are the fundamentals of many career choices namely engineering, architecture and medicine.

Imagine working on an international level and dealing it in BM.

Do you know how fubar the system is?

Jeez I wish sometimes the government will just be less, I don't know, INSERT WORD HERE?

And I'm probably going to be arrested under ISA now.



Justin is freaking connected.

Its as if I just figured the true meaning of the Internet.

and no, I don't mean people with mosaic going up and down either.

I'm like, so connected right now. Okay, Maybe not connected but more like my privacy is as private as MJ's funeral.

Hell yeah.

Twitter is fun. Even though I get flooded with tweets. Which actually are quite useful.

And currently Heal The World and You Are Not Alone by MJ are currently on repeat in my brain. Since thats basically all I hear in school.

Yes. MJ is still a very strong presence in our hearts.

Talking about MJ. Did you know that he has his brain in a jar?

Now, now. Don't fall of your chair, at least, not yet. Apparently they want to test his brain for the cause of his death.

The Web is full of theories that led to the King of Pop's untimely demise.

Also, Did u know that Diana Ross. The person that MJ was so close to he modeled his face after hers.

Bloody hell didn't even come to his funeral? Like wtf is that? She was even included in his Will. Can you believe she didn't even show up?

Oh, OH! Heres something I know some people are suffering from. This is probably the most hilarious thing I've read the whole day!

Check this out! http://myparentsjoinedfacebook.com

Its retardly funny omygosh!

So yeah. I will update again soon. Till then, Tweet me! xD



No one can deny my love affair for Final Fantasy. My favorite and probably most influencing one was FFX and FFX2.

Those were the most impactful really. I mean. I cried when I Tidus had to die. :( And Yuna was just awesome.

Every time I listen to songs like To Zanarkand or 1000 words I'll get all nostalgic. Which explains that funny mushy feeling inside. Which is awesome.

I dont know why but I suddenly felt like posting what I felt like it.

Currently listening to Leona Lewis's songs. :) Awesome really.

And yes, Awesome is my new favorite word. What was the last one, I dont know. But yeah. I'm being random right now. Ahahah.

On a lighter note. Here is a before and after makeover of yours truly. Find it kinda funny but here you go.

Go on. Laugh. LAUGH.

Yes. The truth has been revealed. I have hair almost as bad as streamyx.



Twitter is a total invasion of privacy. But its changing the way we live.

First week of July.

Its been almost a week I didn't blog.

Until Illaina started complaining about my lack of commitment to my blog. lol. So okay. I will blog now. :)

So the things that happened in the week.

Monday. Mr. G started cutting the boy's hair again. I escaped. As usual. But its about time karma caught up to me. xD


We lined up behind each other an massaged :P. I give killer massages yo! Ask anyone of my satisfied customers. :P

Sadly, it wasnt as shiok massaging myself. Hahha. And instead of massaging we ended up camwhoring. XD


Pontenged. :P Probably the boringest day of the week. :( I found a kitten! Lost its mother I assume. Cause I left it at a bush for its mum to come back. 6 hours later it was STILL there. D:


Somehow MJ has influnced alot of us in my class. Random tributes of him was done. LOL. We even did (TRIED) doing the moonwalk. but failed. LOL. Impersonated a hippie. And tried being cute with that hairband. XD HIPPIES!

And at nite my family and I went to The Lookout Point in Ampang somewhere. Freakin fantabulously awesomestly awesome view! I was so jakun. We deliberately acted like tourists. LOL.

Arabian Mint Tea + F&N Grape is. er.. Awesome?


School as usual. All the teachers came in! D:

And now. I'm sittin here. Waiting for my uncle to pick me up to go Grandma's place.
See you guys Sunday.

Oh, and if I cant go to church for the 3rd time this Sunday due to stupid reasons. I'll be so SO pissed off. Hahah.

btw. I'll upload pics when I get back. :)


Happy Birthday Dad! 4th of July!