No one can deny my love affair for Final Fantasy. My favorite and probably most influencing one was FFX and FFX2.

Those were the most impactful really. I mean. I cried when I Tidus had to die. :( And Yuna was just awesome.

Every time I listen to songs like To Zanarkand or 1000 words I'll get all nostalgic. Which explains that funny mushy feeling inside. Which is awesome.

I dont know why but I suddenly felt like posting what I felt like it.

Currently listening to Leona Lewis's songs. :) Awesome really.

And yes, Awesome is my new favorite word. What was the last one, I dont know. But yeah. I'm being random right now. Ahahah.

On a lighter note. Here is a before and after makeover of yours truly. Find it kinda funny but here you go.

Go on. Laugh. LAUGH.

Yes. The truth has been revealed. I have hair almost as bad as streamyx.



Twitter is a total invasion of privacy. But its changing the way we live.