School is awesome with the guitar.

We had the guitar again today! Was fun.

So heres the plan for tmrw. Jon and Cyn is gonna bring they're guitars for tuning. And we're gonna jam!

And probably work something out for our moral work. Berjoget anyone? >.<

I didnt know our siviks teacher could play. He was good. Very impressive fingerstyle.

I just got back anyway. From 3 hours of tuition. And dinner. Now I'm sleepy. As usual.

Was buying DVDs just now. Like, that place had shitloads of porn man. lol seriously. Porn.

Hahah. Now I'm home!.

And I am now addicted to Epik High. And Jpop. And I used to wonder why Su Munn was such a huge fan. Hahah

Epik High rocks. omg. :)

Justin Choy is Asian!