Those Days?

Thinking back to when I first saw you. You had the most beautiful hair and such a charming look to you that seemed to touch hearts everywhere you go. Yet, I never thought that you'll see me more than your average 17 year old.

But you did.

We got together. Felt like the best thing in my life, being together with you. Love knew no boundaries.

Time was going so fast. But t felt as if when we were together. The whole world just stopped. Everything didn't matter for the world was just You and Me.

Do you remember, that hill we would always go to? Where we would just sit by the tree and watch the sun set? It was our spot. Those days. There was nothing to worry about. We would just sit there. Well into the night, gazing upon the stars.

Do you remember the time, where there was this shooting star and you asked me to make a wish? And then persuaded me to tell you? I told you the wish would not come true if I told you.
And you were being so persistent? I miss those times.

And the time where we were on the beach under the stars? You kissed me and gently whispering in my ear.

I'll Always Love You.

It may not be much. But those words was etched in my mind till today.

Fast forward a few years.

I was there. Every day and night. Constantly worrying.

But you reassured me that you'll be alright. Yet, I knew what would happen. The doctors didn't want to tell me anything for I was very emotionally unstable at that time.

I expected the worst. But did you know that, you smiled all the way through? That kept my spirits up too.

I remembered. Just a few nights before your operation you gave me something.

A pendant.

It seemed. Oddly familiar. I realized. That it was the first gift I bought you.

You gave me a note with it and made me swear I wouldnt read it till after the operation. You said you wrote it a long time ago. And we'll read it over some ice cream. I smiled and said "Okay."

Then it was the day for your operation. I was on the way there but a freak accident happened on the road and I was late.

When I arrived the doctors said that they proceeded with the operation.

Seconds felt like minutes, Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like an eternity.

Eventually, 7 hours passed.

The words that were to be spoken broke my heart. It felt as if it just. Shattered.

"We couldn't save her. I'm sorry for your lost."

There was a pin drop silence in the room. Being unable to control the flow of tears that rolled down my cheeks I demanded

"Let me see her!"

There I stood. At her side. I held her hand and looked upon this heaven sent gift from heaven. I looked at her. And tears kept pouring out. I couldn't believe. I have lost the one thing that kept me going.

I gave a gentle peck on the lips and said, with uncontrollable emotions.

"I Love You, and.. Goodbye."

They proceeded to pull a white cloth over her. I left. Overwhelmed with such grief and sorrow.

I wanted so badly to just to be with her. I remembered. There was a note that she gave with the pendant.

It read.

Because you are reading this, I assume that I can no longer be by your side. I knew the outcome of this from the beginning. I didn't want to make you worry. There are so many things that I wanted to do with you. But now, I cant.

I can't be by your side on your wedding day. I can't be there when we raise our kids. I can't be there to grow old together. And there are so much more.

But don't worry.

Love isn't about counting the years. Its about making the years count.

And every moment I was with you felt like I was on top of the world. Everyday, my feelings grew bigger and bigger.

Do you remember that shooting star? You weren't the only one that wished for something. I did too.

I wish to always be with you. Always to love you. And never leave your side.

I might not be here with you physically. But I am always there right in your heart. I will live on in your thoughts and memories. The times we were together, were the sweetest memory of all.

I wish I could write more. But my heart is frail. This pain is too much for me to bear. The biggest fear I have is losing you. But I know. This is my fate.

I have to go now.

You know. That I'll always love you. And I know you will too.


The letter ended with a picture of us together on our first date.

Tears just flowed down my cheeks. I was so angry. I blamed God for being so unfair. He took away someone so close to me. And she didnt even deserve it.

Fast forward to the present.

I long for the strength to get through everyday. Even though its been years since her departing. Our memories never fade. I went on a few dates. But they never seem to change the fact that I Love Her and Her alone.

And that fact. Will never change.


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