Ice Age 3! :D We went out!

I went out! Finally!With these budak2. :P Hahah! Told you I'll upload xD

So yeah. MJ at 11+pm was like

"Hey, You want go out tmrw? My friends ffk la T_T"

Hahah yeah. And when we tried inviting William. He was blur as hell.

MJ's ghost? LOL.

Anyway. Made it to KLCC first and then walked to Pavilion.

And then. Retarded pictures. LOL. Yes. I'm uploading! =P

I look like a douchebag omg. T_T

MJ was looking all over for her oh-so-sought-after Rubiks Cube. Hahah.

Anyways. Got the movie tickets for Ice Age 3. Free tickets! :P wait.. WILLIAM DIDN'T PAY ME D:

Have you ever looked up in pavi? Architecture work is just

Oh. Then the funny thing happened.

See I called Will ryte.

J: Where you now? Come to the main entrance. The one with the giant SALE sign.

I am at the main entrance. It says. Philharmonic Orchestra. Where you? I see a fountain.


So where you?

... Stay there.

Hahha so MJ and I had to go all the way back from Pavi to KLCC to get him. So funny lol.

Okay after some mindless window shopping and rubiks cube searching we had lunch at Pastamania.

And MJ apparently is on some uber strict must-lose-2-kg diet. She was being all
organic. lol.

Well, Nothing stopping us guys. We ordered pizza!

And and. We spammed it with..


Chaos ensured.

P.S Spot the Daniel Wu lookalike in green behind Will!

HAHA. Tobasco is
ADDICTIVE. Its like inhaling something really strong. Rofl. It was really hilarious how our faces got damn red and started tearing.

Ice Lemon Tea could not have saved us!

Hahah. We rushed to the movies. Ice Age was super adorable.

*Music that sounds like Sway plays in the background*

Hahah then we walked arnd somemore.

Somehow we ended up in Time Square. Where MJ got her cube. And was uberly happy about it.

Hahah. One day I shall learn how to do that.

Oh, and somehow we all ended up in my place. For Left 4 Dead. :D Awesomeness

Great day it was. :)

A message for Mei.

For the 382nd time.. You are NOT fat. Seriously! you just have a..erm.. -insert word here- ass. :P