Justin is freaking connected.

Its as if I just figured the true meaning of the Internet.

and no, I don't mean people with mosaic going up and down either.

I'm like, so connected right now. Okay, Maybe not connected but more like my privacy is as private as MJ's funeral.

Hell yeah.

Twitter is fun. Even though I get flooded with tweets. Which actually are quite useful.

And currently Heal The World and You Are Not Alone by MJ are currently on repeat in my brain. Since thats basically all I hear in school.

Yes. MJ is still a very strong presence in our hearts.

Talking about MJ. Did you know that he has his brain in a jar?

Now, now. Don't fall of your chair, at least, not yet. Apparently they want to test his brain for the cause of his death.

The Web is full of theories that led to the King of Pop's untimely demise.

Also, Did u know that Diana Ross. The person that MJ was so close to he modeled his face after hers.

Bloody hell didn't even come to his funeral? Like wtf is that? She was even included in his Will. Can you believe she didn't even show up?

Oh, OH! Heres something I know some people are suffering from. This is probably the most hilarious thing I've read the whole day!

Check this out! http://myparentsjoinedfacebook.com

Its retardly funny omygosh!

So yeah. I will update again soon. Till then, Tweet me! xD