First week of July.

Its been almost a week I didn't blog.

Until Illaina started complaining about my lack of commitment to my blog. lol. So okay. I will blog now. :)

So the things that happened in the week.

Monday. Mr. G started cutting the boy's hair again. I escaped. As usual. But its about time karma caught up to me. xD


We lined up behind each other an massaged :P. I give killer massages yo! Ask anyone of my satisfied customers. :P

Sadly, it wasnt as shiok massaging myself. Hahha. And instead of massaging we ended up camwhoring. XD


Pontenged. :P Probably the boringest day of the week. :( I found a kitten! Lost its mother I assume. Cause I left it at a bush for its mum to come back. 6 hours later it was STILL there. D:


Somehow MJ has influnced alot of us in my class. Random tributes of him was done. LOL. We even did (TRIED) doing the moonwalk. but failed. LOL. Impersonated a hippie. And tried being cute with that hairband. XD HIPPIES!

And at nite my family and I went to The Lookout Point in Ampang somewhere. Freakin fantabulously awesomestly awesome view! I was so jakun. We deliberately acted like tourists. LOL.

Arabian Mint Tea + F&N Grape is. er.. Awesome?


School as usual. All the teachers came in! D:

And now. I'm sittin here. Waiting for my uncle to pick me up to go Grandma's place.
See you guys Sunday.

Oh, and if I cant go to church for the 3rd time this Sunday due to stupid reasons. I'll be so SO pissed off. Hahah.

btw. I'll upload pics when I get back. :)


Happy Birthday Dad! 4th of July!