Tony Roma and New Bounce. :)

I went to Pavilion last night to get my custom made miadidas shoes. :) New bounce. Woots.

So yeah, I had to like choose colours for the sole and stripes and what not.

Oh my gosh was it confusing. Like, me being really really indecisive choosing the shoes. Ended up with a few concepts.

Well one of the things I learned is to NEVER buy on impulse and rush. So I took my time.

Apparently I was the longest customer to customize my shoes. hahah.

I ended up with this design. :)

Then we had dinner at Tony Roma's.

We ordered the 13Inch ribs! Omg they were the best ribs I have ever tasted!


Yeah. Was awesome. The sauces too. I had a heartburn after that. But it was worth it! :)