Holidays are almost ending. Shits.



First and foremost. I would like to thank Angelina Kein for some of the pictures that are/will be added to this blog. :)
Sorry that your currently Internetless. Sincerest condolences. =)

Besides. Shitmyx is still. Yeah,


Holidays are almost over. Soon I'll be back in blue sitting (probably sleeping..) in the Biology lab. Oh God, Results are coming out too. Well. Every good thing has to end somewhere. Hahaha. I actually miss school. My friends mostly.

Life is so awesome. I feel so good. Happy that things are so great. Praise God~

So lets see. How my holidays went so far. I think I spent most of my days in church. Apparently the mission trip isn't all fun and games. Lots of work. But mine, thankfully, just involves going for the drama practices that we're gonna do.

Unless you all didn't know. Its in Kuala Lipis, Pahang!

Going there to spread the word of God. By God's blessings it'll turn out good.

Fabi puts it as "Justin Choy trying to be holy." Hahaha! Yeah I agree. :D

Gonna be in 2 Dramas and doing the drama workshop with Kee Aun. :)

Hope that turns out alrite. ^^ Even though we have only like 4 ppl that signed up for the drama workshop. lols.

Well. I'm amazed that I only went out once. And that was a pretty sad ordeal too. *sigh* I was sick on Amanda's party (Sorry babes!) And relay for life because my parents disallowed me and I had mission trip things to do the next day (Sorry fabs!)

Well. The other things I did in chronological order. ^^

The dinner with CJ and my buddies. awesome time I had there. Went to Bermuda & Onion and Delucca. Brilliant. The food was awesome too btw!

Love you Elmo! <3 style="font-family:trebuchet ms;">No Apologies Seminar touching on Love, Life and Sex.

Hell yeah. Super fun!

Gah. You guys make it all the better to be here. It was really fun! And well. I got really confused. Somehow convinced its cool to be single. Rofl. Yeah. Flirt like hell! :D Woots.

That speaker dude was really cool too. Kept talking about how cool sex was after he got married. Hahah! And there was loads of video presentations about it. Like advertisement and testimonies from teens who practiced premarital sex.

Yeah. For those who thinks its awesome. Its not. Alrite. I could rant and rant and rant all I want about it here. But I'm saving that.

I really liked the advertisement sections. Not because of its sex appeal but rather how the advertisement is projected to the mass consumers.

Letting people believe what the want to believe our perception of an object gets altered into thinking what we want to. People arent selling a product.

They're selling a lifestyle.

Love that part.

Then there was loads about what are the consequences and stuff. And where the line stands.
I was thinking larh. Like what the crap. How the heck am I supposed to like. Get a wife in the first place if I cant even like. Kiss her or smth.

Like there so freaking alot of STDs nowadays. And holy crap if I get HPV its a 95% of contracting cervical cancer.

Aka. Penis cancer. omfg.

And like. STDs cant only be transmitted sexually. It can be transmitted with just touching. Like. Holy crap. We are all screwed. 1 in 4 people are infected with HIV alone and theres over 46 different types of STDs.

We're all dead!

The condom is a lie! 3% is still a chance!

I really LOL-ed when Kairi was like.

"We can only hold their hands when were married. =="

Ahahha! And Yi En too! Jokingly said.

"Anything but sex." LOL.

So funny weih. :)

Then then. We took some pictures and signed our books. So cool being a superstar.

Next! :P

Had a great holiday so far. Gah. I'm late for class. And I gotta sleep when I get back. Mission trip rehearsal tmrw. :)

Gonna start meditating about the things I did. And more pictures. :) w902i ftw. :)

Loving life and everything about it. Praise God.

Single life is awesome btw.