The Death of a truly beloved.

Its hard for me to even write this. I'm so overwhelmed with grief and sorrow its unimaginable.

As an older brother I have to try to stay strong. And try to keep everyone's spirits from falling.

But its hard.

All I hear are the cries of sadness.
All I see is tears flowing down cheeks with bloodshot eyes.
All I feel is..

Pain. Sorrow.

Why? I ask God. Why did it have to come to this.

Death comes so sudden. Life. Is so precious.
You take it for granted. And the next thing you know its taken away.

I will miss you so much, boy. No other one can ever replace you in our heart.

Its been 3 years that you've been with us. You've been with us while we we're growing up..

You've done your share of mistakes. But never fought back.

You've been loved and cared for. And all you do the same.

You've come to us in times of loneliness. Kept us from being lonely on those rainy nights.

You were always the more quiet of creatures. But you silence was enough to keep us happy.

You suddenly left one night.

Never would I have thought that that night was going to be the last night that I will ever see you again.

Never would I have thought. That would be the last time you rolled on the floor.

Never would I have thought. That would be your last purr. Your last meal.

We thought you were lost. But we found you.

Not a single beat on your heart..

We knew. In our hearts. That you were gone. Forever.

You will truly be missed.. Always remembered in our hearts. And all the memories we shared will keep you alive in us.

I love you so much.


? - 22 June 2009