Depression. Teenage problems.

Sometime I feel like shooting every motherfucker that gets in my way.

And yes. I do suffer from depression sometimes. Yeah, I aint always that bubbly and full of smiles. I have my days too. Its just that a good actor knows how to portray the emotions he wants people to see.

Sometimes, you keep thinking how bad your day is but actually there isn't really a problem. Everything just looks dull cause I'm so caught up in my bubble of depression.


Oh, I hate staying at home on Saturdays. My parents and brothers are out. Didnt bring me along. Its alrite.

Sometimes I'm envious of other people and how they're living their lives. But then I fail to stop and look at how God has blessed mine.

I guess nothing is perfect. Nobody gets everything in Life. You just got to appreciate what's been given to you.

Life's too short for me to get depressed right now. But sometimes. Its hard to keep everything inside.