Fridays are guitar days.

Fridays are forever going to be known as the Guitar Day in our school.

So to my 4k readers! Bring your guitars on Fridays! We shall rock out! \m/n_n\m/


Emo! xD

So Fridays are awesome. Like today for instance. We lugged our guitars everywhere. People asked what was it for.
Thats our mascot! xD And Jon! Our manager xD

Performance people!

And teacher was like "Bile perform?"

Chariteh! And Prefect Parteh! :P

Gah. Still not very confident with my voice. AT ALL.

I can't and WONT sing with people who are very good. Such as Fabi. I cant sing with her. Cause she's just awesome. And get like totally nervous with people.

Its just weird. Cause like I never know whether I suck or not. Confidence issues.

Like how Arjun puts it "You sing really well, when you have the mood to"

And Jon keeps reminding me that I don't suck. Thanks bro.

Well. We'll see how it works out.

So back to the topic. Hahah today was really fun. We had our band practice. LIKE FINALLY.

Played a few songs. :) Finally I learned how to play When You Say Nothing At All. ♥

And I saw this vase that looked EXACTLY like a fedora. Heres the pic.

Hanged out at club. Worked out. Broke Angie's string. My baaad.

And made Shy shy shy amelia meet my friends.

Was cool meeting Jordan and all. Dont really mix arnd with them much.

Oh and btw, When I was waiting for my mum just now I was playing my guitar at the bus stop. Then this guy came walking his dog and I smiled at him. He said "Are you Christian?"

I was like.. "O_o Er.. Yes?"

He was like "Which church do you go to?"

I said "Metro Tab"

And he said "Good" and walked away. Damn weird weih!

So overall a really fun but uberly tiring day.

I'm probably gonna knock out right now. So sleepy. >.< style="font-weight: bold;">RIP MJ!

Billie Jean!