I went against my will.

Damn you CJ. Your so freakin persistent.

Well. yeah. I went out yesterday with CJ and gang. Supposedly alot of people were supposed to go. But ended up with like what. 4 ppl? Like wtf man.

Was going to Pavi. Sabrina and her friend tagged along. :)

Wanted to go watch Terminator. I wanted that Monsters vs Aliens thing or smth but nobody wanted so yeah. Sokay.

Went to have breakfast. Charles met up. Charles was so disappointed lol!

He was like,

"This is bullshit lar! CJ you called me at 11pm last night and treat me like bail like that. Since everyone cant come call Charles lar."

So I asked lar. Why he came?

He said,

"That CJ lar! Promise me supermodels or smth. Bullshit la."

It was damn hilarious. Yeah. So apparently Charles already watched the movie. So he went in anyway. But watched a different movie.

We met up with Sabrina and her friend later. We were supposed to get jeans. I seriously suck at deciding anything.

CJ wanted to get something in Sungei Wang. So Charles and I tagged along.

We went there right and holy shit we went all over Sungei Wang to get a chain that CJ wanted and we DIDNT get it. Like. OMFG weih. We were talking abt sex before marriage or some crap like that. So freakin stupid omg!

We kept callin CJ Elmo. Ahahaha! He was so nervous meetin Sabrina at first too. xD

Yeah. We were so pissed off. Cause we went all over and still didnt get what he wanted.

So yeah. Charles had to go home. So we were supposed to meet up with Sabrina again.
But we were tired and thirsty. So we went to find this shop called gelato something. Cant remember. WAS SO LOST OMFG.

I saw like the same people over and over and over again. Like. The directory is screwed up la. Eventually we found that shop. ONLY TO NOT BUY ANYTHING AGAIN. Cause apparently wanted to save money.

Gah. I just bought some water and we went to coffee bean. CJ bought some swedish tea or smth. Which was bitter as hell. Ahahaha. Sabrina met up with us.

Then we went around shopping. I was pissed at some reason. I think Jon and Fabs knows. XD La la la.

Went to PDI and was looking at the jeans which was supposed to be for girls. T_T omfg so dumb.

Took like 4 denim shorts. So hard to decide. In the end. Didnt buy any of em. And bought jeans instead. HAHAH.

And oh oh! I WAS SO DUMB! Instead of pullin I pushed the changing room door. So I freaked out. Thought I was lost or smth! SO STUPID OMG!

Finally bought something! :D Yay.

Walked to KLCC after that. Was freakin hungry at first. Then CJ had to go home.

Ahahah. Awkward moment. Shall not state it here. :P

Then then. Sabs and I went for dinner at A&W. It was so stupid la the staff there. Its like 80% of the menu out of stock. And I had to say YES 3 times for them to understand my order.

We talked alot there. So funny weih! Sabs like bit one bite of the burger and was full. LOL. We tapau-ed everything. Almost the drinks too. Ahahha.

Then we had to go home. In the LRT she was telling me this Sri Rampai story. Gave me goosebumps. And yeah. If your reading this. I'm sorry for freakin you out! :P

ahahaha! Went to buy bread after that. And then we went home. Was a pretty fun day out lar.


Sorry. No pictures.