This could go the way I like?

Today my mum and 2 bros went to Sabah. I now have 7 days with my dad.

Yes. That includes.

*Dramatic Music*

PMR Results.

I am screwed.

So far nothing bad has happened. Just lotsa organizing and cleaning up to do. Just moved you see. Wish me luck.

btw. Since people are asking me. I'll save you guys the trouble. I got

2As, 2Bs 2Cs and 1D

Joke. 6As 1B.

Heheh d:

Merry Christmas!

I finally have my internet here. Well. Sorry its late though. Been busy moving in. And Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who wished me. Means alot. Thanks to the peeps who gave me presents yesterday at service. Thanks a bunch.

Well. I might not have gotten anything for you guys but I hope that being here as your friend will compensate for it. =D

Oh and I spilled curry all over my Christmas present yday. lol. Oh, well.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

..To the PMR candidates. While it lasts..



Today cousin bro came over. So it was up to me to play with him while everyone else talked. He's only like, 2? Idk but he's really really cute. Hahah. He was clappin and shakin his head when playin o2jam. lol

Yeah. Cute. Hahah. He then farted near the fan. _ _

I stank the whole place. Stupid WaiWai. =(

Dont let that cute innocent face fool you. >=(

Like, Huh?

Here are the random pics that I find amusing.

Dude. Like seriously. Don't even bother with the Rastaurant.

This was near a glass wall railing. At first I went "Wtf is this? Don't fart here?" hahah

This burger should be renamed "The HeartStopper"

Shopper's attitude. =.=

There was like this adidas warehouse sale going on last Thursday till Sunday. Was working there part time. Was fun. But I met a few kinda really "funny" shoppers.

And "funny" doesn't justify the real attitude of them. tsk tsk.

Incident 1

It happened when I was on break. My colleague was handling a customer at our station and seemed to be loosing his patience.

Apparently, the lady was yelling at Julian, my colleague, for not helping her cut the cable tie on the shoes. She kept saying

"Why do the other shoes have no cable tie on them?? Only this?! This is MY son's shoe size. I want you to cut it now!"

while trying to pull the shoes apart. I then told the lady we had to do this to ensure that the shoes could remain together and not get separated. She still wasn't satisfied.

In the end, I had to make her shut up so I eventually said that I would find her son a different pair. Which I did of cause. And she said, with a hint of sarcasm, Thank you.

She never really talked to Julian and gave him the 1000 yard stare.

Later when she went, Julian told me.

"God, I felt like smacking her with the boots. Fuck."

Funny. Yeah.

Incident 2

There was this lady right. Who came to our section like, I dunno, 8 times?

I think she asked for like so many different shoes, so many different sizes, so many types.

I mean like. I was totally fine with that. Its my job after all. But there was this particular model she really wanted. It was an adidas Superstar with the cloud design.

The only thing is. We were out of them a few hours ago. And guess what? I had a size 8.5UK that she wanted, hidden. The only reason it was hidden was cause, well, I wanted them. Hahah

Guess what. When I thought she was gone. I opened the box to make sure I had the right one. Little did I know that she was back! Yet again! And then. She was like "Can I have a look at this?"

I was like, so sad, cause I knew the fate of my shoes. Well, I was right. She said it looked good and it was the right size. Before I could say that it wasn't for sale she just walked off in a hurry.

I was like. "She just took my shoe. I cant believe it. My shoes."

I know. Unbelievable. Last pair too. *sigh*

Incident 3

This one was by far the funniest.

See there was cases involving people stealing shoes by bring their old shoes and replacing them with the new shoes and walking out. Due the the hectic environment this act is almost undetectable.

So this is what happened. A lady. Probably those kinda auntie auntie kinda people came and said whats which are good running shoes. I gave her a pair to try on. She gave me back a pair of old
Aloushi(What ever that is) shoes and asked what size is this.

Julian and I thought it was from a box and was like "Shit! Not another one"

Then Julian told the lady that he will report it. Julian grabbed the pair of shoes and ran straight to my other friends who were stationed at another part of the warehouse and told them the incident.

Then he told the supervisor about the incident.

The lady then came back and asked me where was her shoes. I didn't know. And I was thinking she had it with her.

Then Julian and the supervisor came back.

He said he was really disappointed at these people and was like how could they sink so low. I was like yeah. I mean. A pair of RM 400 shoes for RM120 isn't it already such a great deal? Then I was like. I dont even know what the hell is Aloushi and what kinda stupid brand is that.

The same lady came back. This time she asked another person, Jess, from my station where was her shoes. She said she didnt know. The lady then said who works here. She pointed at Cheryl, herself, me and Julian who was at that time bending down.

The lady said there was this tall Indian guy who took her shoes. I pointed to Julian and said is that him. She nodded and spoke in Malay and said. "Where is my shoes??"

I burst out laughing.

Apparently, the shitty Aloushi shoes were actually the lady's. And that she wanted to know what was her size so that she could find shoes that matched the shoes she was originally wearing.

So Julian ran back to the supervisor to ask for the shoes and told him what happened. He started laughing hysterically and came back to us and told us "Next time we shouldn't have talked bad about people" then he laughed.

The whole shenanigan really made everyone's day.

Don't worry. She got her shoes back. The new one and the old one. Hahah

Incident 4

This is by far the most bitchiest bunch of people I have ever met.

It went like this. There was this lady with her daughter and son. She came and picked a pair of shoes for her daughter. The daughter seemed to like it.

Jess recommended that she try one of the other shoes that were better than the ones she had picked.

The lady, with the utmost bitchiness, said "NO, my daughter has FIXED her mind on that one and will NOT change her mind".

Jess calmly showed her the shoes anyway and unsurprisingly, the daughter expressed great excitement and proclaimed "Mummy, mummy! I want THOSE pair! Not this!"

The embarrassed lady was at lost of words and just replied "Alright, take those." and walked away.


Incident 5

While that lady was being bitchy over at Jess's side. Her son apparently was being a brat at mine.

The boy said do u have the F50 boots? I said no, were out of em. He looked at me so rudely and said. Do you have a size 6 for the F30?

I asked my friend whether we still had it. Julian said we were out and the smallest size we had was size 7.

Then I told him that, and whether I could interest him in the F10. He rudely said "I want the F30! Not the F10! Why don't you have 6?! Useless." and just walked away.

He came back. This time it was to Cher. Cher was just giving the last pair of size 6 sneakers and snapped at her. "Hey! Why you give them the size 6, huh?! I told you that I WANT them!"

Cher was like she didnt know and they boy just stared at her and walked away.

We were both like. He's such a brat. Just like his mum.

Guess what. The lil brat came back again. This time he had a pair of size 6 shoes.
He threw em in the bin and said "Here. THIS is size 6" and walked off.

I almost threw the shoe back at him. Yeah. Fucking brat.

Yeah well. Basically those are the types of people you meet when it comes to this kinda stuff. Jeez, and you thought you saw it all.

Well the few days that we worked there was really fun and full of interesting stuff. There was times when there wasnt so much people and we were bored shitless so we did stuff like

Made a miniature KLCC with suspension cables, Sky bridge AND antennas!

Tied Nabil up!

Met this cute lil girl!

Yeah. So it was a really great experience.

Thanks for reading! =)