Like, Huh?

Here are the random pics that I find amusing.

Dude. Like seriously. Don't even bother with the Rastaurant.

This was near a glass wall railing. At first I went "Wtf is this? Don't fart here?" hahah

This burger should be renamed "The HeartStopper"


Lyne-Phing said...

eyh! ur hair grew longer leh.
ahahaah.put cbox la.easier. ;p

Pipi & Pupu said...

LOL! don't fart here xD

Justin McMuffin said...

Yeah, I know. Malaysians. xD

Justin McMuffin said...

Yeah, I'll put the cbox later.

Gan Nicholas said...

Hahahahaha.i also got that "dont fart here" pic :P