This could go the way I like?

Today my mum and 2 bros went to Sabah. I now have 7 days with my dad.

Yes. That includes.

*Dramatic Music*

PMR Results.

I am screwed.

So far nothing bad has happened. Just lotsa organizing and cleaning up to do. Just moved you see. Wish me luck.

btw. Since people are asking me. I'll save you guys the trouble. I got

2As, 2Bs 2Cs and 1D

Joke. 6As 1B.

Heheh d:


Pipi & Pupu said...

@____@ eh u were online at 2am! LOL. i was away watching tv and when i came back its like4am+. lol sorryy

Justin McMuffin said...

pfft. Excuses. hahah. Doesnt matter. Hows the tat?

YIEN said...

seriously, get a cbox.
Btw, how was ur PMR result? :P

Justin McMuffin said...

I fail in blogging weih. Hahah. 6As 1B.


close. T_T