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5N 2010

I still strongly believe that 5N is the most noisy, most amazing, most annoying, most hysterical, most number of bald people, and downright awesome class ever. Period.

And I love you guys to bits. And for making it a very memorable high school life. I love form 4 and I'm gonna love Form 5. I appreciate every single moment we spend our times together. Every laugh and every "Justin, You man bitch! " moments. *sniff*

For everyone's whose reading this and whose in their final year of high school, just suck up and enjoy what you have. This is the 5th year and your last year in your highschool. Enjoy it to the max but don't forget of that dreaded SPM. The deciding factor of your almost ending adolescent life.

This is the pinnacle of high school life. Its gonna be Awesome. (:

Today was so much fun! Even though I was stressed out as hell in the morning somehow being around these 5 Nekadians made my day so much better. I was initially pissed off because. Well, I didn't do my hair. ><

But in the end it was uber fun! We camwhored alot! I think among all the form 5 classes we took the most pictures! Plus we had our very own personal photographer. Qeys! (: Shes super adorable btw.

I'll get the pictures and upload on facebook or something. Its awesome!

But the sad thing is well, its gonna be our last class picture. Our last time together. We're gonna look back and think of this day and smile. *sniff*

I'm so gonna miss 5N. ):


Why so serious?

I watched Batman yesterday! And it was great! Thanks to Arjun being Batman.. I mean Bruce Wayne.

I honestly think I need to smile more. Really. I've been so consumed with depression its so fucking sad okay. I NEED TO STOP SWEARING TOO.

Gosh. I'm so filled with anger its really really bad. I'll update about MPOC soon.

And I'm really sorry Eli. For everything.



Stressed out larh!

Sometimes the best thing in life is just to be different. And I love my Red Converse.

Anyway, so hows school you ask? Well its fun. Not school. Just your crazy bunch of friends always make your day better. If I we're to write to IMMD everytime someone makes me smile or laugh hysterically I would have the whole website dedicated to me.

I'm really really stressed out at the moment. Studies. Life. And well whole lots of other stuff. But I'm very thankful. Cause I love my life at the moment. No worries Whatsoever. Well, besides SPM.

I'm so fucking paranoid now. Its just that. When you think back on what things that happened to you before you'll just NOT do it again. Even though your so sure that it will be different. Its kinda like sex. If you did it once and it screws up your life doesn't mean it will when you do it again. Its all about the timing. (Please don't argue with me on this. I know someone will.)

And because of this stupid mindset its preventing me from doing alot of things. Okay, Gonna be really frank. Theres a reason why I never did like like people so much. Or gave my 100% (Like how I'd normally would). Cause thats exactly what I did and guess what happened in the end. Yeah. No point retelling the same old story.

So you resolved it by suppressing my feelings. There was so many instances where I could have said. "Hey, I really like you" or bla bla bla but I didn't. I'm sorry for that. But unless somehow I get reassured that thats not the case. I'll be always confined to my simple, narrow minded self.

Fairytales are lies. Forever never exists.

But if they are. Why do we believe. Why do we put that very slim chance and hope and believe? Are we ignorant to the facts? Are we not realists?

People put their beliefs in many different things. And I live by a quote.

"There is no such thing as reality, only perception"
Dr. Phil

Well, life never goes the way you want anyway. Go with the flow of things. Right now. I'm just lost. Is it my fault? Truly?

Oh a happier side of things. I'm gonna be going for the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit this weekend! (I hope I can make it in time for church!)

I'm so nervous and anxious at the same time! I've been really training hard for this. Hoping for the best. It'll be my second tourney. I hope I'll do better! And I think Carmen's gonna be coming too. Woopee~ (:

And to my lovely NexGenners. I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH OMG.


I am super tired.

My body has been aching since Friday. Gah.

Yesterday was fun! Went out with the peeps. Watched a movie. Went to walk around TS. Played bowling. Annoyed the living daylights outta Eli. (: Life is good.

I love escalators. ♥ right? :P

I went for paintball training today. Got my jersey! Woohoo! Our tourney is in less than a week omgggg!

I'm so tired. lazy wanna blog. I'll update properly later la. (:


Not. Happy.

I haven't been this depressed since like. Last year. And that was when I was with someone. Its not your usual "being depressed".
Its that kinda depression when you see someone you really care about sad and depressed it just kills you. And I mean it.

I don't know. If you know what I mean. It doesn't matter anyway. Its just. A very. Painful feeling. But then again. Its my fault anyway.

Have you ever had that feeling where. You had to do something that you didn't one because you we're thinking of the future? How you know you would fuck something up really bad and you didn't want that to happen? And you had to do something about it.

Even though if it killed you to do it.

Well. It doesn't matter.

Not anymore.

Thank you (:

Thank you so so so much Joanne for the gift. ♥. And yeah, I had to reconstruct it since it was in a mess since I spilled it in the bag. Tada!

And for Mei who was kind enough to lend me her calculator and remained calculatorless till Thursday. Sorry you! (:


There is something wrong from the inside!

...or maybe I'm gay?


I think right now my body is like going through this mental, emotional state where my hormones are kinda like. Gone wacko. Like puberty or something. NO I AM NOT HAVING PERIODS.

Its just like. I don't know. I very indecisive about my decisions and I honestly think I have yet to make any strong, rational decisions that could shape the outcome of my future. In Layman's terms, Well, Justin Choy isn't THAT matured yet.

I guess its all part of growing up larh. I mean. One moment I can say something, the other I could totally contradict what I said. Which is bad. And I'm easily influenced. Which is also bad.

I guess I'm still trying to find that inner, more matured sense of Me! Justinism if u will. LOL

And for the rumors of being taken. No. Not taken! Seriously la! I mean. Not yet. In the future la maybe? Right now? Too indecisive to make any commitments. Not cause I don't want. But I'm not ready? I don't know. Confused! @@

Anyway. I have some awesome pictures soon. (Thanks to Joanne Foong and Mei Ji! ♥)

In the mean time, I saw a picture of me back in 2008. SO BANGGA!

Stay Tune!


People put favorite pictures of their favorite things as their wallpaper. Like pictures of people for instance. Well, in that case, I wish I had more wallpapers. Since I think every picture is Beautiful.


Weee~ Its the forth day since school reopened! And so far school has been great! I didn't go today cause I woke up diarrhea! You guys didnt have to know that!

I woke up really really really sleepy since I was up "Studying"(Well, minus talking and crapping alot) with Sabrina till like 12? Oh, and there was an electric storm over KL that looked great from the balcony (:

Speaking of which, I was unable to get a clear picture because my "brother's" camera is having problems. Yeah. That 1000D I'm using isn't even mine. But I use it so much more. But yeah, So expect less quality pictures at the moment.

Also, I'm learning how to use mother of all photo editors, Adobe Photoshop. (: Wish me luck for more quality pictures.

Anyway, School has been great so far! Cause I got the same class again! wee~ But guess what? I got majority the same teachers too. well. Thats probably a good thing.
Wow, to think I'm already in my last year of High School. Yeah, its quite sad. ):

But alot of people I talked to can't wait for it to end. I don't know whats so great of the working world. I myself tried it first hand so I know. So I got hit with a sudden realization that its gonna be my last time being a teen.

As Charlene puts it, "Enjoy your last year of your illegality." And so I shall.

Moving on, school's Ops Pemotongan Rambut was conducted as usual. But this time I was able to not run away and instead I mocked them "Cikgu, Rambut saya panjang x?". x)

Oh, and now we have our very own "Kumpulan Botak" in class. Let me introduce.

The 3 Bald Men. Julian, Jonat and Sufian. 1Malaysia! for some reason Julian was stoning here.

And yesterday. During moral class. The guys and I did a short video that was so retarded.

Julian who was playing the wimpy/gay convict was being interrogated by Arjun who was playing the Bad Cop role. He started screaming and swearing and throwing things at Ju.
Then Nahrend who was supposed to play the Good Cop role ended up playing a gay one.
The video ended up with Julian throwing Jon and Dino to the table then proceeded to shoot Arjun and Nahrend with a broom.

It was Epic.

Oh and here's Cyn's attempt of being lala.


P.S Thanks for everyone who asked why I didn't come to school. ♥ you guys.

I miss you even more boo

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

This is by far the greatest year of my 16 years here on this little blue planet. I thank God for everything!

This year had its ups and downs but when you think about it, it was actually brilliant. I met so many awesome people this year, got closer to ones I never knew I could, I started going to church more often, serving, people grew more matured, more awesome.

I loved 2009. I'm looking forward to 2010. Its gonna be awesome. Awesomer even. (: Its also the last year (as Charlene puts it) our illegality. Means our last year being illegal. 17. So we gotta enjoy that. (:

Anyway, I have to explain my absence. Well, the reason is quite simply put, I've been out and about. I seriously understand why people need to blog on the run. Its bloody hectic. But very very fun.

I've been going to alot of parties and outings lately. Well, I'll start with the Christmas gathering with my family! They're a nice bunch of people. And like, they're the only family I got. Its fun when everyone gathers. And this time my relatives from Sabah we're also staying over.

Then I went to Schanny's BBQ with the Disney gang! woohooo! It was awesome btw.

He said "My house is just average. (:"

Gosh. Biggest understatement of the year. He's house is like a real tropical chillout place. Its like a hotel lobby with a very nice chillout and lepak mood. I didnt want to go home. It was just awesome.

He had 3 dogs. 2 females and a male. The male one grew attached to Nahrend for reasons I do not understand. Everywhere he went. The dog followed. It was hilarious. Even when Nahrend tried to eat the dog was there. After awhile. The dog finally did it.

Yeah, Nahrend got humped.

The other silly thing was the alchohol. We had Chivas Regal mixed with coke. This was not strong mind you. Brandon toke half a glass and he turned all red and hot. He even said it himself. Yeah, our friend got drunk.

It was so funny. He was so hyper and really really high. But it was really amusing looking at him that way. HAHAH.

It was really fun meeting up with the gang after weeks of not seeing them for ages. Had a great time with the great company! (:

PS. I love it when Brandon gets drunk. ♥