Stressed out larh!

Sometimes the best thing in life is just to be different. And I love my Red Converse.

Anyway, so hows school you ask? Well its fun. Not school. Just your crazy bunch of friends always make your day better. If I we're to write to IMMD everytime someone makes me smile or laugh hysterically I would have the whole website dedicated to me.

I'm really really stressed out at the moment. Studies. Life. And well whole lots of other stuff. But I'm very thankful. Cause I love my life at the moment. No worries Whatsoever. Well, besides SPM.

I'm so fucking paranoid now. Its just that. When you think back on what things that happened to you before you'll just NOT do it again. Even though your so sure that it will be different. Its kinda like sex. If you did it once and it screws up your life doesn't mean it will when you do it again. Its all about the timing. (Please don't argue with me on this. I know someone will.)

And because of this stupid mindset its preventing me from doing alot of things. Okay, Gonna be really frank. Theres a reason why I never did like like people so much. Or gave my 100% (Like how I'd normally would). Cause thats exactly what I did and guess what happened in the end. Yeah. No point retelling the same old story.

So you resolved it by suppressing my feelings. There was so many instances where I could have said. "Hey, I really like you" or bla bla bla but I didn't. I'm sorry for that. But unless somehow I get reassured that thats not the case. I'll be always confined to my simple, narrow minded self.

Fairytales are lies. Forever never exists.

But if they are. Why do we believe. Why do we put that very slim chance and hope and believe? Are we ignorant to the facts? Are we not realists?

People put their beliefs in many different things. And I live by a quote.

"There is no such thing as reality, only perception"
Dr. Phil

Well, life never goes the way you want anyway. Go with the flow of things. Right now. I'm just lost. Is it my fault? Truly?

Oh a happier side of things. I'm gonna be going for the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit this weekend! (I hope I can make it in time for church!)

I'm so nervous and anxious at the same time! I've been really training hard for this. Hoping for the best. It'll be my second tourney. I hope I'll do better! And I think Carmen's gonna be coming too. Woopee~ (:

And to my lovely NexGenners. I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH OMG.