5N 2010

I still strongly believe that 5N is the most noisy, most amazing, most annoying, most hysterical, most number of bald people, and downright awesome class ever. Period.

And I love you guys to bits. And for making it a very memorable high school life. I love form 4 and I'm gonna love Form 5. I appreciate every single moment we spend our times together. Every laugh and every "Justin, You man bitch! " moments. *sniff*

For everyone's whose reading this and whose in their final year of high school, just suck up and enjoy what you have. This is the 5th year and your last year in your highschool. Enjoy it to the max but don't forget of that dreaded SPM. The deciding factor of your almost ending adolescent life.

This is the pinnacle of high school life. Its gonna be Awesome. (:

Today was so much fun! Even though I was stressed out as hell in the morning somehow being around these 5 Nekadians made my day so much better. I was initially pissed off because. Well, I didn't do my hair. ><

But in the end it was uber fun! We camwhored alot! I think among all the form 5 classes we took the most pictures! Plus we had our very own personal photographer. Qeys! (: Shes super adorable btw.

I'll get the pictures and upload on facebook or something. Its awesome!

But the sad thing is well, its gonna be our last class picture. Our last time together. We're gonna look back and think of this day and smile. *sniff*

I'm so gonna miss 5N. ):