People put favorite pictures of their favorite things as their wallpaper. Like pictures of people for instance. Well, in that case, I wish I had more wallpapers. Since I think every picture is Beautiful.


Weee~ Its the forth day since school reopened! And so far school has been great! I didn't go today cause I woke up diarrhea! You guys didnt have to know that!

I woke up really really really sleepy since I was up "Studying"(Well, minus talking and crapping alot) with Sabrina till like 12? Oh, and there was an electric storm over KL that looked great from the balcony (:

Speaking of which, I was unable to get a clear picture because my "brother's" camera is having problems. Yeah. That 1000D I'm using isn't even mine. But I use it so much more. But yeah, So expect less quality pictures at the moment.

Also, I'm learning how to use mother of all photo editors, Adobe Photoshop. (: Wish me luck for more quality pictures.

Anyway, School has been great so far! Cause I got the same class again! wee~ But guess what? I got majority the same teachers too. well. Thats probably a good thing.
Wow, to think I'm already in my last year of High School. Yeah, its quite sad. ):

But alot of people I talked to can't wait for it to end. I don't know whats so great of the working world. I myself tried it first hand so I know. So I got hit with a sudden realization that its gonna be my last time being a teen.

As Charlene puts it, "Enjoy your last year of your illegality." And so I shall.

Moving on, school's Ops Pemotongan Rambut was conducted as usual. But this time I was able to not run away and instead I mocked them "Cikgu, Rambut saya panjang x?". x)

Oh, and now we have our very own "Kumpulan Botak" in class. Let me introduce.

The 3 Bald Men. Julian, Jonat and Sufian. 1Malaysia! for some reason Julian was stoning here.

And yesterday. During moral class. The guys and I did a short video that was so retarded.

Julian who was playing the wimpy/gay convict was being interrogated by Arjun who was playing the Bad Cop role. He started screaming and swearing and throwing things at Ju.
Then Nahrend who was supposed to play the Good Cop role ended up playing a gay one.
The video ended up with Julian throwing Jon and Dino to the table then proceeded to shoot Arjun and Nahrend with a broom.

It was Epic.

Oh and here's Cyn's attempt of being lala.


P.S Thanks for everyone who asked why I didn't come to school. ♥ you guys.

I miss you even more boo