Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

This is by far the greatest year of my 16 years here on this little blue planet. I thank God for everything!

This year had its ups and downs but when you think about it, it was actually brilliant. I met so many awesome people this year, got closer to ones I never knew I could, I started going to church more often, serving, people grew more matured, more awesome.

I loved 2009. I'm looking forward to 2010. Its gonna be awesome. Awesomer even. (: Its also the last year (as Charlene puts it) our illegality. Means our last year being illegal. 17. So we gotta enjoy that. (:

Anyway, I have to explain my absence. Well, the reason is quite simply put, I've been out and about. I seriously understand why people need to blog on the run. Its bloody hectic. But very very fun.

I've been going to alot of parties and outings lately. Well, I'll start with the Christmas gathering with my family! They're a nice bunch of people. And like, they're the only family I got. Its fun when everyone gathers. And this time my relatives from Sabah we're also staying over.

Then I went to Schanny's BBQ with the Disney gang! woohooo! It was awesome btw.

He said "My house is just average. (:"

Gosh. Biggest understatement of the year. He's house is like a real tropical chillout place. Its like a hotel lobby with a very nice chillout and lepak mood. I didnt want to go home. It was just awesome.

He had 3 dogs. 2 females and a male. The male one grew attached to Nahrend for reasons I do not understand. Everywhere he went. The dog followed. It was hilarious. Even when Nahrend tried to eat the dog was there. After awhile. The dog finally did it.

Yeah, Nahrend got humped.

The other silly thing was the alchohol. We had Chivas Regal mixed with coke. This was not strong mind you. Brandon toke half a glass and he turned all red and hot. He even said it himself. Yeah, our friend got drunk.

It was so funny. He was so hyper and really really high. But it was really amusing looking at him that way. HAHAH.

It was really fun meeting up with the gang after weeks of not seeing them for ages. Had a great time with the great company! (:

PS. I love it when Brandon gets drunk. ♥