Christmas Eve... in school.

Yeah. They made me go to school on Christmas Eve. Brilliant. Adding to the fact I only had 3 hours of sleep. But somehow. In a good mood. Had a good night last night. Fun talking to her. :P

Anyway, just got home from school. Still have my running nose. Hate it. Can't sing. I was at school just now for some Persada work. Though I slacked alot. Judson was funny. He was damn semangated. Came with his uniform and tie. He's reason.


I LOL'ed

And I was saying I wished it would snow tomorrow for Christmas. Aiman and Nabil said they'll run to the mosque and see what happens. I asked why?

They said. "Its gonna be the end of the world *laughs*"

Somehow this year, the Form 3s are more relaxed than our batch. Though once the results came out it was really really tensed. Crying and screaming people everywhere. Kinda freaked me out too.

Congratulations to the PMR students and whatever the results may be, Good or Bad, Your gonna be screwed next year.

Welcome to Hell, kids. (: Enjoy your stay.

On a less morbid side. I just got off the phone with Yi En for like, 2 hours. And if your reading this. Yeah, so gonna poke your legs. And your so gonna murder me. Hahahah. It was fun talking to you sis(sigh). Hahah! See you Sunday!