Speak to The Nations. APYAC 09'

I had a 3 day conference at Glad Tidings PJ on the 10th till the 12th. It was great!

I have to be totally honest with you. I wasn't really looking forward for it. I had so many other plans in mind. And even on those days I wanted to just go home and sleep.

But then, somehow I just stayed on. Listened. Prayed. Worship. And I never regretted it. The Pastors put on a great conference. And Rev. Mike Pilavachi was very charismatic and comical to keep us going.

I mean. How many people can make us laugh when talking about Diet coke and Double Chocolate Cake. Not many right. And the other pastors really did make the whole APYAC an awesome experience.

What I was really touched by was how God moved in the hearts of the nations in the world. Even though they we're the minority and persecuted for their beliefs they continue to persevere. Nations like Pakistan, Cambodia, Japan and the like having the lowest percentages of Christianity still striving and continue to spread the Gospel. Its admirable.

On a more humorous note, I had loads of fun doing stupid stuff with Sanjeev, Victor, Judson, Arthur and the rest of them. Was so funny. In a stupid kinda way. All in the name of entertainment. Talking about that, David Ng can so dance weih. Impressed.

Ahhh, these 3 days we're extremely taxing but it was really really fun. Sorry about not having pictures. Didn't bring my camera along and I'm just lazy to get the pictures from facebook. Check it out from there.

Gotta get some more rest now. I was up till 6am playing Modern Warfare 2. ♥


Your the sweetest thing to come down all the way to see me. It was really sweet of you to do that even though you didn't have to. You we're stoning. Again. ♥